A platform for Solar Technology Solutions

A platform for Solar Technology Solutions

 A platform for Solar Technology Solutions

Project Description:

Solar TOU is a project based on solar technology and California’s electricity distribution and management concepts.


W3villa Technologies built a web platform that manipulates and processes user data and generates informative reports containing a comparative and calculative analysis of the costs, as well as the payback period associated with Time of Use, Solar installation requirements, and other essential parameters. With the help of this efficient solar power portal, solar customers can analyze the economic and financial feasibility of their solar project and judge their requirement capacity for solar installation. What made it possible? Well, none other than the team of high-qualified tech-driven professionals. W3villa Technologies has a dexterous crew of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the quality that every client needs. The experts first understood the needs of the Solar TOU and then frame a plan that perfectly caters to the needs and budget of the company. And as a result, the company has managed to save a lot on their installation expenses and even saved precious time with a purpose-driven approach followed by the company.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails Bootstrap, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Multilingual App
  • Push Notification
  • Google map setup
  • Content management system

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