Software for Product listing management

Software for Product listing management

Project Description:

Overview is a web platform that offers the multiple listing facility and all BackOffice work management Solution: is designed to provide user-managed BackOffice work for creating and maintaining product listings on multiple channel partners. works well with Amazon, eBay, and other channels to list, price and automatically manage your product listings. enables clients to optimize their listings and post the inventory altogether. W3villa technologies crystallized and developed an understanding of where the company is going with the new product. It is critical to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page in order for a project to succeed. We sought to keep the new Digital back-office solution as simple and straightforward as possible, bearing in mind that all service information is split into two parts: • one is for the banking personnel alone; • the other consists of client-related functions. Both for us and for, the design concept presentation was a highly anticipated and emotional step. While developing the solution's core, we had been working very hard on the research and engineering phases. could finally meet their new world-class product, which had already revolutionized their business during the design phase.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, Spree, MySql, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap


  • - Multi-channel listing facility - Visual Notification - Offline and Online sales - Intelligent data creation tools