A Bail Management Software

A Bail Management Software

A Bail Management Software

Project Description:

Captira provides multiple solutions related to the court for agencies and individuals through its four different categories of software such as the Bail Management Software system, Caroll Collect software system, defendants watch software and court reminder software.


The client's objective was to build a portal as well as software that can manage bail agencies and other multiple solutions. W3villa technologies experts understand the whole requirement and build a portal that can provide all the information about Bail management, Carol collection, Court reminder software, and Defendant watch software. To build up all software, we also provided the proper data management system that helps clients to see how many people are using the software from which locations. Bail Management software - It helps individuals to run their bail agency with any device and is easy to use. Carol Collect - It automatically reminds those who are overdue the payment, It also helps to provide the invoices and in-depth analytic report. Court Reminder - It provides a facility to remind you of all information related to the court such as check-ins, court dates, bail hearings,s, etc. Defendant watch software - It gives you an alert if your defendant is re-arrested anywhere in the country

Technology Used:

PHP, Angular, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Automatic Invoice system
  • Analytics and reporting
  • User data management
  • Alerts management system

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