A Corporate Social Responsibility platform

A Corporate Social Responsibility platform

A Corporate Social Responsibility platform

Project Description:

Commonstake is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) social media platform. It facilitates communication between corporate and consumer citizens.


The client was keen to redesign its website with new functionality and was looking for someone who can not provide the right guidance but also restructure everything so that they can divert maximum traffic to their site as they were getting less traffic on the current website and pages took much time to load. We analyze multiple issues apart from unstructured design such as content placement, unstructured chat system, alignment issues, and unnecessary CSS and Javascript files. We approached the client to redesign the website instead of revamping it as the codes were not clean. Our experts proposed to build a new site that needs to be user-friendly, have a Smooth chat system, easy to use, and have a good backend system to manage data. Our design team created a new layout that helps clients to understand what is going to be developed also, we tried to put fewer CSS and Javascript files.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Content Management System
  • User and Admin panel
  • Chat system

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