A platform to connect doctors and patients

A platform to connect doctors and patients

A platform to connect doctors and patients

Project Description:

A global platform (medical website) for Doctors & Patients to connect. Book appointments & consultations with listed doctors and make payment for the services online.


The software is designed for connecting doctors and patients. The patient can see their health reports periodically with all their medicine and doctors' prescription. W3villa understands the business objective and designed software that provides all health reports to the patient in use dashboard. We have designed multiple user access for all the stakeholders such as doctors, patients, medical doctors, etc. We implemented the billing module, chat module, and payment module for the easiness of doctors and patients. and Doctors can even update relevant healthcare blogs and share health reports with patients. Doctors can register and pay to receive more patients.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


  • Patients and Doctor access
  • Historical data reports
  • Billing and payment

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