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It is of no argument that the mobile industry is rapidly acquiring the digital space. Statistical figures related to device-usage indicate a pervasive trend of the rising number of users embracing mobile gadgets, including smartphones and tablets for browsing and other personal jobs. Notwithstanding, a significant number of long-established as well as modern domains do continue to require the use of desktop-specific apps and functions. As such, the technologies used to develop these desktop applications have also evolved to keep the progress thriving!

One such premier technology is Electron.js, or Electron, created in 2013 by GitHub for building Atom, a popular source code editor. Formerly named as Atom Shell, it was later renamed and open-sourced along with the text editor. Since then, it has been actively developed and maintained by an active community of members, apart from GitHub.

Go cross-platform

Using a non-conventional approach to desktop application development, Electron provides a mechanism to build and deploy cross-platform applications. The cross-platform outlook signifies that the apps need not be developed separately for different Operating Software, but a single set of code is prepared for running the application on different OS: Windows, Linux, and Unix. Electron accomplishes this by utilizing a common set or channel of technologies, the web technologies: HTML, CSS & Javascript. Processes in the distribution of the apps, i.e. packaging, installation, and managing updates are all streamlined accordingly. Support for these apps remains unquestionable with Microsoft having developed a tool for their packaging for Universal Windows Platform and the Windows Store.

Foremost technologies, facilitating top-notch functionalities

The hybrid approach utilized by Electron not just delivers a cross-platform experience, this also combines the native capabilities of a desktop application with the modularity and other manifested facets of the web sphere, giving the best of both worlds! Owing to this, Electron has placed itself as a JavaScript framework which is now regarded as a standard for cross-platform desktop app development. The two primary and powerful technologies running behind-the-scenes within this desktop app framework are the Chromium browser, for the app layout and the Node.js run-time environment, for data & file manipulation. These operate upon the app's HTML, CSS, & JavaScript files, i.e. the same technologies used for building web applications.

Electron works more or less on the same application model which Ionic relies upon. Check W3villa's Ionic app development services for cross-platform mobile app development. Relatively less development time, versatility and cross-platform compatibility with Electron development outweigh the ordinary perks offered by native desktop development technologies, including Java. At W3villa Technologies, there is a constant endeavor to achieve the ideal competence through the use of latest technologies, the JavaScript-based Angular, Ionic & Electron frameworks being some of them. Do contact us for any query or consultation regarding cross-platform desktop app development using Electron.