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An ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Software is a single giant software or a set of interrelated software programs that are developed and implemented to manage a company's routine functioning, client interactions, financial/non-financial transactions, inventories and resources, project execution, HR processes, etc. Hence, it may include many or all features of HRMS and CRMS.

What is Enterprise resource planning?

ERP, short for Enterprise resource planning is an advance and modern concept of business management. This concept aims at integrating the different activities or functions of a business enterprise into a single module. This integration is mostly associated with the transformation of data. Broadly this process involves data collection, data storage, information processing and data representation. In other words, ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is the process which involves the harmonization of the data and information collected from various sources based on the functions and activities of a particular business, in order to represent it on a single platform.

Adoption of ERP Software

Adoption of Enterprise resource planning in a business is a complex process. Before starting to launch ERP in a business, it is important to understand in depth concerns like what is Enterprise resource planning software, which functions can such a system perform in the business, possible negative and positive outcomes of ERP incorporation in the business, compatibility of the ERP system with the current business operations & technologies, and many more. Thus, only after a careful and thorough analysis of the above mentioned concerns, the process of the implementing enterprise resource planning system into a business should be initiated.

Typical Functions of an Enterprise resource planning System

The main functions of an ERP System can be classified into the following four types:

Inventory Management

ERP & Inventory management

With ERP systems, enterprises can govern all their resources and inventory stock from a single platform which regulates purchase and supply cycles.

Human Resource Management

ERP & HR management

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems may also be used to perform some tedious Human Resource functions of an organisation.

CRM Approach

ERP & Customer Relationship Management

ERP Software also have the ability to organise cutomer interactions and relations using the approach of Customer Relationship Management.

Production Control

ERP & Production Control

With the assistance of Enterprise Resource Planning Software, monitoring production and manufacturing processes is much easier.

This is the description of just a handful of functions that an ERP Software can perform if implemented in an organisation. In the broader sense, Enterprise Resource Planning includes much more functionalities which couple together to aid in an organisation's overall management.

We now know how complex and advanced the concept of ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is. In the same way, the implementation of an ERPS(Enterprise Resource Planning Software) into the functioning of a business is also a tough job, as it involves major alterations and modifications in the normal functioning of all the business processes in order to integrate their data or information into a single platform. A lot of analysis, research and study of the current business processes, functions, and technologies is to be performed before adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning System into the business. All this is done in order to check the compatibility of the business for an erp system. All these tasks, including the ERP software development should be executed by a professional ERP Software development company. W3villa is one such ERP development company in India which leads this industry through excellence and innovation.