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A revolutionary language for your API

It gives a complete scope to request only the data that is needed. Clients can request the data they need to go through. For instance, if you send an inquiry to know about only one particular actor from a movie, GraphQL will ensure that’s the only thing you get to see. It won't flood you with irrelevant information like who directed the movie, the other cast if the film or the songs list, etc.

GraphQL apps are fast & durable as they control the data they get, not the server. It can easily fetch the data from multiple resources in a single request, unlike REST.

One can add new fields and type to the API without clashing with the existing queries. Because of the single evolving version, apps have regular access to new features and reassures better maintainable server code.


When to use?

Applicable for both mobile & web applications across various industries and categories. If the apps need to fetch data from multiple sources, real-time updates or offline capability, GraphQL will be the best solution.

If the need is to obtain real-time data, for instance, chats, GraphQL can easily manage the app’s message system among numerous users. It can also assist in acquiring offline data.

In order to build applications that are dependent on different or diversified data sources, GraphQL is the best option as it creates a single point of entry for all data sources. Hence, build your applications faster.

Amazing for mobile backends, as you can easily structure the data that is required which results in better network administration.



Got your own codes? Bring it on!

A query language that creates a uniform API across the application without being limited by a particular storage engine. Provide your own functions for every field in the type system and GraphQL will perform the action.

Manage your data comfortably

As there is no over or under fetching of the data; this allows better performance of any app. Also, you can cite the data that should be available in real-time without having to build complex distributed architecture.


Frequent updates & regular deployment has become a routine depending on the ever-changing market. GraphQL reduces the number of unnecessary endpoints that manage the application data. Build nothing but the best.


There are fewer chances of any faults at planning, development and execution level. Because the query structure is precise it improves the stability of the entire process.


The data is collected through a single point, hence, curbing all the complexity of data retrieval. GraphQL acts according to the defined type & field, making the methodology an efficient process.


Data on the server is sorted to match the specific need and then a request is sent to JSON; the process is repeated for every request. There is no need for this routine as GraphQL uses defined Schema.

Simple yet effective, GraphQL has changed the way how API queries can be handled.

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