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Human Resource Management Software


An HRMS(Human Resource Management Software) is a software which is developed to manage the various Human Resource processes. The various features involved in a typical Human Resource Management Software are payroll management, attendance and shift management, employees' personal data store, organizing of recruitment and training schedules, etc.

What is HR Software?

An HR software, short for human resources software refers to an employee management software. These software aid to manage, organise and execute the human resources functions of an organisation or a company. The human resources software, or human resources systems are increasingly being used as the primary HR management tools today. There are various forms of Human resource software and tools available today for small and big companies to use, and the most popular among them is an HRMS(Human Resource Management software), which is also called HRIS(Human Resource Information Systems). We'll discuss later how different sorts of HRM software can be used by the different types and sizes of organisations.

Functions of Human Resource Software:

The functions performed by the different types of human resource software are quite manifold. They do perform a variety of functions required for team management. Some of the related functions or actions performed by them are:

HR Software and payroll

Payroll management

For managing the payroll and remuneration record of the employees.

employee data management

Employee data management

For storing and retrieving the personal details of the employees.

attendance and leave management

Leave management

For monitoring the attendance and leave schedules of the employees.

team roster management

Team roster management

For planning the monthly or weekly roster of the employees.

leaderboard management

Leader-board management

For building the employee leader-board as per their performance and activities.

HR and new hiring

Organising new hiring schedule

For organising the schedules for new hiring of employees.

employee timeline management

Employee timeline management

For regularly monitoring the work schedules of the employees.

And in some cases, they may even integrate other complex features like Project management and Mail management!

Simmpli as a good HR software

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