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The blockchain technology marks the future trend for many existing industries including web application development. In the digital era, almost all the essential business and commercial processes including trade, communication, advertising and financial transactions are increasingly getting translated into some forms of online platforms. This is where the blockchain industry steps in and offers its innovations!

What does the term "Blockchain Technology" stand for?

The blockchain is an advanced form of Database storage system, which uses "records" or "blocks" to store data or information. These records or blocks get duplicated automatically with the mechanism of cryptography, thus providing a more secure data storage platform. Blockchain is the technology which supports the cryptocurrencies and Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other such cryptocurrencies are Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, etc. But the scope of blockchain technology is not just limited to finance. Besides finance, Blockchain has also marked its uses among several other fields such as governance, elections, administration, commerce, and many more.


Our director Priyank Gupta presenting about 'Future of Blockchain in Business Processes' in a conference in Amsterdam.

Applications of Blockchain Technology

There are several applications of Blockchain Technology. Some of them have already been implemented by their respective industries, and many others are in their development stage. A few of them are mentioned below:

In Finance

Undoubtedly, the most widely implemented use of the Blockchain Technology today is related to Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currency.

In Software Development

The Blockchain has a lot to offer to the Software Development industry. This holds good for both Web Application Development & Mobile Application Development.

In Cloud Storage

With the aid of Blockchain Technology's Cloud Storage feature, one can be assured of his/her online data security.

For Digital Identity

Blockchain Technology can also be implemented for managing people's and organizations' identity through the digital platform which may help in preventing frauds at a considerable level.

For Digital Voting

Digital Voting is yet another notable and revolutionary application of the Blockchain Technology. This is because the electronic voting systems can become victims of the online hackers, thus resulting in a bias election result. But if the if the Blockchain Technology is implemented here, then there's no way the encrypted ledger can be played around with!

For Smart Contracts

In the modern era, contracts such as wills, online money transfers, financial and asset transactions, etc. are vulnerable to cyber attacks and frauds. Smart Contracts is the best solution to this problem.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

Cryptocurrency exchange is a huge industry that is thriving at the global level. At present, there are several cryptocurrency exchange websites associated it. Cryptocurrency exchange websites are the applications that are created for cryptocurrency deals, i.e. the purchase, sale and exchange of bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. W3villa Technologies is known to have developed a number of cryptocurrency exchange applications for its clients located in nearly all the major corners of the planet.

Blockchain Technology in India is still in its naive stage. A lot of scope lies within this vast innovative field known as Blockchain Technology. W3villa Technologies is one of the pioneer Blockchain Development companies in India that is involved in Blockchain Software Development, providing blockchain as a service. Do contact us for any query you have related to Blockchain Development.

We have successfully provided blockchain development services across the globe in countries like India, United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom (UK), France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and other European countries.

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 Henry R.

  Charleston, WV United States

My colleagues and I are really grateful towards W3villa Technologies, and its team of software developers in India for their co-operation, services and assistance in relation to our Blockchain project.

 Greg W.

 Eastchester, NY United States

The technology upon which Blockchain runs has the power to influence other industries as well! In some cases, the blockchain technology empowers, in others, it alters, and in some other cases, it may even disrupt some specific industries.

 Vishnu R.

 Chennai, India

My entire team, including me, is a blockchain enthusiast. Very often we have debates and discussions on the current and forthcoming blockchain trends in India. When the question appears that which is the best blockchain company in India, I simply lay it on the line that it is W3villa which is the best Blockchain software development company.

 Craig F.

 Louisville, KY United States

The scope and functions of the blockchain technology is expanding day by day. The blockchain industry is soon going to lead some of the major sectors of the economy, both at the national and global levels.

 Selwyn C.

 Georgetown, NSW Australia

With W3villa Technologies, one can trust the Blockchain development services provided by them. They have got a large amount of experience in software and website building with the help of blockchain technology.

 James D.

 Newport, Great Britain

The developers at W3villa are nothing less than a bunch of smart guys. How smartly they plan, design, code, launch, and test the projects and websites can not be beaten as of my current knowledge having been worked with other Web Development Companies in India.

 Gyanendra M.

 Bangalore, India

Blockchain Software Development, as well as the other developing Blockchain Technologies are good alternatives to the traditional data handling methods, and its nice to see them assuming place in more and more industries.

 Walker M.

 Glasgow, Great Britain

I do like the work spirit of the web developers working at W3villa Technologies. The entire time that I’ve worked with them for several projects makes it seem to me as if they’re constantly challenging themselves in pursuit of excellence.

 Dzissah M.

 Denver, CO United States

I’ve had several disturbing experiences working with the Blockchain Technology prior to when I started with W3villa Technologies. The reason for that is the inadequate expertise of the other Blockchain companies in India.

 Alexandra d' A.

 Créteil, France

Hardly there will be any software development company, especially in India, which can even challenge W3villa Technologies in the relatively newer web development technologies such as Blockchain Software Development.