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E Commerce Website Development


Today, the growth of the E-Commerce platforms is emerging as the most important marketing trend. It won't take much time for the e-commerce websites to dominate the retail market. Hence, to supplement the business goals, getting an e-commerce website developed is a good idea.

Essentials of E-Commerce web development

Like any other software development service, E-Commerce website design and development also requires a good amount of skills, knowledge, and expertise. E-Commerce is one such type of websites that are central to the function of a business, hence it becomes necessary to avail good E-Commerce website solutions. Let us have a quick look at some of the essentials of E-Commerce web development that are crucial in order to develop an E-Commerce website:

Visual Design & E-Commerce Development

E-commerce UI

One of the major determining factors relating to the success of a business based on an e-commerce website is how beautifully the e-commerce website is designed. The level of creativity applied in the UI (short for User Interface) of the website matters a lot, as it appeals to the users' mind and helps to convert them into customers. The components should be well laid and attractive.

Functionality & E-Commerce Development

E-commerce User Experience

UX(short for User Experience) is the other aspect of the web design of the e-commerce websites. Here, functionality comes into play! How efficiently the e-commerce website user is able to navigate the website, especially amidst all its product pages, and how conveniently he's able to perform the required actions must be a matter of concern for the e-commerce website design company.

Database & E-Commerce Development

E commerce database

The strength that an e-commerce website holds as it interacts with its database(the place where all its files and information are stored) is the aspect of web development, whose significance can not be undervalued. This is because the e-commerce website will perform well only if it has a good connectivity with its server and database to retrieve the data as requested by the website visitor.

Thus we conclude that for establishing a successful e-commerce project, it requires smart efforts in all the aspects of web development, particularly related to the design and server interaction.

As discussed earlier, attractive visual design, efficient functionality, and strong database interaction are the essentials of e-commerce web development. This clearly defines the need of availing the Best E-Commerce Website Development Services. Certainly, W3villa Technologies holds the title of being the best e-commerce web development Company in Noida & Delhi-NCR. This becomes evident as we are constantly expanding our expertise in the field of e-commerce website design. The web developers working at W3villa Technologies have been developing and launching several e-commerce websites for our clients. Likewise, our efficient web designers are also well trained to create beautiful e-commerce website designs.


 Willis B.

 Leeds, England, UK

Our company had been successfully running e-commerce stores for our own and our partner brands targeting at desktop users. But soon we realized that it was necessary to develop a mobile version of the online platforms as well.

 Eric M.

 Margao, Goa, India

I’ve always been quite passionate for my artistic skills. I believe getting an online store developed from W3villa Technologies for selling my creations online recreated the horizon of my passion!

 Nitin S.

 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We took their consultation based on marketing concepts, including SEO requirements and complications for our trading website, which was no less than an educative tool for planning our next campaigns.

 Sean H.

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

A clean and attractive user interface defines the aesthetics of an online store. It directly affects the number of conversions the website makes.

 Alan F.

 Nashville, Tennessee, US

Talking about performance, they do have a marked edge over other software firms in the e-commerce web development industry. We’ve noticed them use the latest technology in almost every technical and non-technical work domains, which results in the delivery of such performance.

 Aso K.

 Chicago, Illinois, United States

As we planned to avail W3villa’s ecommerce web service, we mostly looked for a beautifully designed ecommerce portal having some good calculative and logical functionality in the behind. Yet, their team went one step ahead by taking into consideration its SEO performance related implications right from the start!

 Avinash B.

 New Delhi, India

The earlier version of our e-commerce store, that we had got developed from freelancers, had nearly every sort of technical issue from low page speed to the bugs in the complete structure! Definitely, a poor decision to hire them.. We had no choice but to get it all restructured here properly.

 Mason P.

 Bristol, England, United Kingdom

E-commerce marks the future of the retail industry. The trend has set its roots across the globe and is now growing rapidly in some parts of the world, yet steadily in others.

 Thomas R.

 Belfast, Northern Ireland

When comparing the software design and development services that are provided by W3villa Technologies to the software development services that are provided by other Software Development Companies in India, one can understand how W3villa leads them all!

 Bhavuk A.

 Detroit, MI United States

I got pretty tensed to see how my e-commerce website based on selling glass panels online started to disfunction. The data was not getting stored and retrieved correctly, and everything was turning into a mess for the website. I’m glad I chose to take help from W3villa Technologies at the right moment.