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Besides web application development, W3villa also provides Mobile App Development services. Like website development services, mobile application development services also require a huge amount of expertise and proficiency from the side of software developers in the programming, codes, and scripting languages. In order to broaden the business reach with its clients, it is always advisable to get an efficient mobile app developed.

Mobile App Development Techniques

Today, the mobile application development has turned into an industry that is both dynamic and challenging. The latest advancements and technologies are continuously emerging within the mobile app development industry. Let us discuss some of the basics of mobile application development.

Basically, mobile app development can be categorised into two main forms: Native and Cross-platform app development.

Native(Single-platform) Mobile Applications

Native Mobile Apps

As the name indicates, the native or single-platform mobile app development refers to the development of mobile apps that are compatible for use only on a single platform or operating software(OS). The operating software may specifically be Android, Windows, Apple software, or any other. These applications are built using the programming languages that are specific for the particular OS, i.e. Java for Android, C# for Windows, & Objective-C/Swift for iOS. There are both advantages and disadvantages of single-platform mobile application development. One important and remarkable feature of this kind of mobile app development technique is that the coding and functionality of a particular mobile app firmly corresponds to its compatibility with the respective operating software, for which it is being developed.

Cross-platform Mobile Applications

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

On the other hand, cross-platform mobile app development refers to the development of mobile apps that are compatible for use on multiple platforms or operating software(OS). In other words, these mobile apps are designed and developed for alternative use on android and other operating software such as iOS. As in the case with the native app development technique, it also has both advantages and disadvantages. Using this mobile app development approach, hybrid mobile apps can be developed which eliminate the necessity to generate, test, and maintain separate codebases for different platforms, as in the case of native apps. Further, this technique of app development requires that the coding and functionality used to build the mobile app should be compatible with the different operating software.

Hybrid mobile app development is emerging at a fast pace to transform the mobile app industry. This cross-platform app development approach already offers many benefits over the traditional ones, and is constantly improving in terms of performance and features.

Along with website application development, W3villa Technologies has a huge extent of expertise in mobile application development as well. The cross-platform app developers working at W3villa Technologies have been working on several hybrid app development projects in the recent years. This great amount of experience in mobile app development has proved the excellence of both W3villa Technologies and its hybrid app developers in the industry, ranking us amongst some of the best mobile app development companies in Noida and Delhi-NCR. Do contact our experts for any query you have in regards to our mobile app development services.


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 Mysore, India

Frankly, I would say that W3villa Technologies is one of the best mobile app development companies in India. The reason for this is that the apps they build score well in terms of both user interface and user experience.

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 Raghav V.

 Charlotte, NC United States

A few months after getting my e-commerce website developed from W3villa Technologies, I chose to get a mobile app launched as well for the same from W3villa. I am glad they again came up to my team’s requirements and expectations.

 Noel B.

 Darwin, NT Australia

Good services are being provided here at W3villa Technologies. The mobile app developers at W3villa Technologies are really intelligent and creative guys who know how to create the best software!