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Web Development


Today there are several web development platforms and frameworks available for website development services. Website development service is also called server-side scripting or back-end work. It is the process in which the software developers link the functionality of the website with the server on which it is uploaded and organize the databases.

Role of website development

Web application development has emerged as one of the leading industries in the national and global economy today. Furthermore, it is a fact that being online is one of the basic prerequisites for a business to grow and compete other companies in its respective industry. This digital or online presence is undoubtedly becoming more indispensable nowadays. Amongst all the other ways of being online, such as through social media platforms, classifieds, blogs, etc., the primary and the most important one, which can't be substituted is a dedicated website. There are countless features and functions that a dedicated website can support to boost the digital marketing performance of a company, organisation, event or cause.

Industries associated with Web Development

In the present age, almost every industry requires website development for its advancement and promotion. It counts for most of the industries serving the mankind today including science, engineering, hospitality, medicine, education, travel, transportation, trade, commerce, production, marketing, governance, administration, art, media, sports, and others. Moreover, there are certain industrial trends which are themselves based on website development. These industrial trends broaden the scope of the software development and website development industry along with modernising their respective industries. Some of these industries are:

E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce website development

The e-commerce industry, being a successful retail sector has transformed the global marketing scenario.

Human Resource Software Development

HR software development

HR Management Systems are used to execute the various HR based operations in a company.

CRM Software/System Development

CRM development

CRM Systems serve the purpose of recording and organising the outcomes of customer interactions.

ERP Software/System Development

ERP Development

ERP Systems are developed to assist and coordinate in the different functions of a company or an organisation.

Blockchain Application Development

Blockchain software development

Blockchain based applications can implement the blockchain technology into the different sectors of the economy.

Apart from these sectors, web applications also form a promising platform for dedicated social spheres. Online matrimonial portals and job portals are the perfect examples here.

W3villa Technologies has a considerable level of experience in web application development. Our experience in web design and development spans over multiple disciplines, platforms, frameworks and functions. Over the years, our web application developers have been creating multiple number of websites which serve a variety of purposes based on the website user/visitor satisfaction. Our actual portfolio of website development includes several projects related to online HR software development, CRM software development, online ERP software development, e-commerce website development, CMS development, and many others. With the efforts of our expert web developers, we have launched a number of projects based on both custom software development and off-the-shelf software development.


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 Calgary, Alberta Canada

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 Hannah E.

 Bristol, Great Britain

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 Faheem M.

 Lucknow, India

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 Sioux Falls, SD United States

In 2016, it was the third time I availed a software development service from W3villa Technologies! Before that, I had got a website application designed and developed from W3villa an year back. In the same year, they also built an android application for us.

 Bomin H.

 Santa Monica, CA United States

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