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Each website requires an attractive web design. There are many web design and development techniques and tools to make your website eye-catching as well as efficient. The website design services provider must ensure that the web design should be interactive and appealing. The website design services should be provided by the web design company keeping in mind the aspects of UI(User Interface) & UX(User Experience) Design.

Components of Professional Website Design

A good website design requires quite a considerable amount of efforts and skills. These are the indispensable factors concerning professional website design. Besides the efforts and skills from the part of the professional web designer, a good website design also requires the use of efficient web design tools and technologies. Two aspects which are associated with web design services are User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX). These two aspects, when applied efficiently in order to design a website, bring out the most beautiful and efficient, i.e. the best website design. Let us know further about User Interface and User Experience.

User Interface in Web Design

User Interface - UI

UI or User Interface Design forms an important part of the front-end work associated with a web design project. The User Interface Design is focused on improving the User Interface of a website. User Interface here refers to the primary or visual interaction of the website visitors with the different static and dynamic pages of the website such as the homepage, landing pages, blog pages, and other ones. The aspects of User Interface are considered immensely along with those of User Experience. The visual user interaction with the website is determined and improved through the factors such as the details of components of the web page, including the text size, text colour, text font, image dimensions, and others.

User Experience in Web Design

User Experience - UX

UX or User Experience Design forms another significant module associated with designing a website. The User Experience Design is focused on improving the User Experience of a website. User Experience in the context of a website defines the convenience, pleasure, and the satisfaction of objectives that a website user experiences with the use of the website. As already stated, the process of user experience has to co-ordinate with that of user interface to design a website. The convenience, pleasure, and the satisfaction of objectives while working on the website is determined and improved through the factors such as its navigation, layout, and call to actions, and others.

Despite the basic differences between these two aspects of website design, including that of the associated technologies, the distinction between the two is largely vague and the efforts are often collaborated and executed together.

Typography & Colours

As discussed earlier, a professional website design focuses much on the website user interface. While creating a new website design, the typography and colour pattern should be kept relevant to the theme of the web pages, considering homepage design, landing page design, static web page design, dynamic web page design, etc. This is important so that the website visitor reads, identifies and understands the different forms of contents, i.e. texts, images, icons, etc. clearly. Even a simple website design requires the right application of text fonts and colours. This serves as one of the important keys regarding how to design a website beautifully.

Mobile friendly web design

Today is the era of mobile internet. As of the latest researches, the mobile internet usage has overtaken the desktop internet usage. Browsing on mobile phones brought about a prominent and universal revolution in the history of internet. This trend has been gradually and consistently increasing ever since. Hence it may not be wrong to say that smartphones have taken over the the essence of the internet. This also corresponds to a remarkable change in technology. It is now one of the essential requirements of a website to have a responsive web design for mobile users.

SEO friendly web design

The aspects and requirements associated with the dynamic field of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) also have to be considered in order to design a website for the sake of the future marketing and promotional purposes of the website. If the SEO recommendations are not given attention right when we start to design a website, it may affect the performance of the designed website, after publishing, in the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) of different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Certain SEO guidelines have to be followed while designing the different components of the website, primarily those related to the navigation, content, and others. Hence SEO(Search Engine Optimization) & web design are interrelated disciplines which have to be incorporated together in order to create a new website design.

E-commerce web design

E-commerce is one of the biggest industries today. It has emerged quite rapidly in the recent years. An important success factor of an e-commerce project is the efficiency of its website. The website serves the core function of an e-commerce business. A good e-commerce website requires a good functionality and visual design. The functionality & visual design should be efficient and beautiful respectively. Impressive web designs is what makes the customer impressed. An impressive web design has the power to retain the interest of the customers at an e-commerce website.

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