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Right e commerce platform
Spree Commerce web development

Proliferated businesses have boosted the need of e-commerce platforms. The scope of these platforms is from managing inventory to allowing users to manage account activities like tracking orders, platforms like SpreeCommerce, Shopify, Magento are few of the best options available.


Why SpreeCommerce :

  • User-Friendliness:
    Working on the interface seems effortless and the backend is de-cluttered thus making any change would not seem much of a task. Spree accommodates muti-language and currency supports thereby marketing to regional and different linguistic audiences.

  • Regular Updates:
    The consistent updates address the issues of adding database indexes, improving the current order lookup hot spot, bug fixes, added Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and addressing the security vulnerability.

  • Licensing:
    Spree’s BSD license is one of the least restraining licenses existing. Spree uses the same open source software regardless of the category of business. There is no ‘enterprise edition’ of Spree – so whether you are a SME or a multi-national corporation, you’re able to use Spree for commercial purposes, without ever having to pay a license fee.

  • Extensions and Accessibility:
    Spree provides unrestrained activity; the design can develop as your business grows. Spree legitimately upholds many extensions that aren’t available in other contemporary platforms.

  • Optimized for Mobile Screens:
    Spree imparts the benefit of modifying the website according to mobile screen size. This attribute makes stand apart from other similar design platforms.

  • Initial Cost:
    Initial startup cost of Spree begins at $0. You get access to the source code, functionality, extensions, community support and all the features at no cost.

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