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A prominent & flexible project management web application, written on RoR framework. Redmine is popular among developers & businesses as it is cross-platform and cross-database tool.

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Bringing Redmine To Our Use

Redmine with Agile

Establish the most effective techniques from Agile project management by extending Redmine with an agile plugin. This approach enables the development team to deliver projects that serve the client’s needs & objectives in a much better, faster way.

It works amazingly as you can easily divide the projects into smaller deliverable chunks, finally delivering the product with more clarity that can be marketed way before other competitors. The tasks are represented through cards on the agile board, giving complete transparency of the team, role and task assigned.

Redmine with agile

Prepare Estimates and Invoices

Extend Redmine with invoice plugins to bill the time contributed on the project, the module will help you to get the right estimation of the project, translate the invoice content for varied languages or markets. Change templates according to the specifications of different countries.

It's very convenient for companies that offer time-based projects to their clients. It's much simpler to create quotes or estates for the projects to reply to all tenders, RFP, and other organizational requites.

Prepare Estimates and Invoices

Manage Time Tracking,
Resource Management, And Reporting

Managers need to bill their clients accurately, so how do you do that? You need a tracking module that provides accurate timesheets and reports, the module can be also customized according to the non-technical people for their better understanding.

Generate custom reports depicting the progress of tasks, code, no. of deployment & changes and other details, these reports can be combined from single or multiple tasks and can be styled according to the needs. You can easily download them in PDF formats.

Manage time tracking

We Endeavor To Deliver The Best:


Clean structure of projects and subprojects hierarchy


Version control with support for Agile sprints when using plugins


SCM integration out of the box (SVN, CVS, Git, etc.)


Great email integration and management of issues


Better performance and fewer clicks and easy time logging in issues


Customizing Redmine plugin, tailored to your specific business needs


Automation or elimination of wasteful & inefficient processes


Easy to use and standard interfaces, backups frequency, and availability


Data security, security certificate, and personal data protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

W3villa offers a host of Redmine plugin development such as agile project management, leaves management, invoice generation and management, issue tracker, mentions, and time-log management and much more. We completely customize Redmine to map all your needs to smoothen your operations.

Yes, we offer a Redmine based Agile plugin to implement Agile project management. This plugin can be customized according to your needs. This plugin helps in using Redmine using a project management tool.

Yes, you can choose from existing themes from Redmine to be used  OR we can help in developing a custom theme that offers more clarity and better UI for functionality.

Redmine offers an excellent platform to build a set of features and plugins that can assist in CRM, Human Resources, Resource Management, and Reporting. Overall Redmine can be used in every aspect of an organization to manage all departments effortlessly. 

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