Online Marketplace for Food Ordering

An internal project of W3villa, Shopchain integrates a network of food service providers within a single e-commerce platform. This involves user management in form of buyers and merchants, complete store management, and the centralised support features. A cross-platform mobile application has also been developed targeting Android and iPhone users.

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An API tool to create the website

The purpose of creating W3sockets was to introduce a new force in the WebSocket technology, being a yet another internal project of W3villa Technologies. W3sockets reveals W3villa's impulse to advance in the process of delivering preeminent services based on peak technologies.

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Marketplace for OEM replacement wheels

Road Ready Wheels was developed as an E-commerce platform featuring multiple levels of user and customer engagement processes. The project is associated with the sale of replica car wheels, and thus integrates modules of multiple car manufacturers, models, and year variants. Functions like Smart search and Online chat represent the crucial success parameters of such an e-commerce platform.

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AI-Driven Insurance claim platfrom

Heluss disrupts the insurance industry, transforming how the policy works; by utilizing blockchain technologies, smart contracts and AI in claims management.

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Software for Product listing management is designed to provide a user managed backoffice for creating and maintaining product listings on multiple channels. works with Amazon, eBay, Spree and other channels to list, reprice and automagically manage your product listings. Using enables clients to optimize their listings.

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An ecommerce platform for pets food

Buyrogz aims at selling quality pet products from dogs' collars to cats' harnesses, from sizes small to XX-large, adopting an eco-friendly and rational perspective in the delivery of the products online and offering accessories for dogs and cats. The fun part about the site is its Celebrity page, wherein you may register your dog/cat as a celebrity!

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A news portal for commercial Real Estate

With an all in one solution for commercial real estate, CreNews presents the idea of bringing high-end news and information to professionals in the commercial real estate industry. The service provides this market intelligence through enterprising daily news reporting by its staff of seasoned real estate journalists. In addition, it provides a daily digest of relevant real estate news by culling through some 100 publications and summarizing important stories.

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Cre news

An app for cryptocurrency trading

ALT 247 is the largest crypto currency trading platform dealing in CFD's. Typically, the CFD platform as explained before - Contract for Differences Platform- lets you speculate and leverage on the prices of financial assets like equities and liabilities.

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Automation PO Process

A desktop application for a connected marketplace to buy and sell car auto parts. Upload inventory, automated PO process and more.

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A Bail Management Software

A Bail Management Software system to manage defendants, inventory, and report electronically to your surety. 100% web-based, no installations needed.

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An extension to generate LinkedIn connections

A chrome extension to generate Linkedin connections automatically. The app will analyze and create a list of all the profiles matching the filters you add and send them connection requests.

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Elink pro

An Affiliate marketing software for consumers

An affiliate marketing service provider bringing all the trending brands (Clothing, Sports, baby products, etc. ) and home services (flooring, roofing, plumbing, electrician, remodeling etc.) under one roof.

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Ubitru portfolio

The Online Floral Marketplace

An online marketplace for floriculture farmers, vendors, shopkeepers & buyers where they can buy & sell fresh flowers.

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Floranow flower

A platform to connect doctors and patients

A global platform (medical website) for Doctors & Patients to connect. Book appointments & consultations with listed doctors and make payment for the services online. Doctors can even update relevant healthcare blogs, share health reports with patients. Doctors can register and pay to receive more patients.

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A platfrom for Roof tops solar installation

Solaron's goal is to optimize the delivery of rooftop solar by optimizing the rooftop solar installation process. Solar companies use the system to provision and install rooftop solar systems for all roof types.

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Solaron today

A Corporate Social Responsibility platform

Commonstake is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) social media platform. They want us to decrease the page load time and change existing designs. We helped them by not just decreasing page load time, but also reducing the infrastructure cost by 50%.

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A portal for financial service to taxpayers

Click N Tax, a tax portal built to offer online financial services to taxpayers (individuals and firms), zeroes in on making the tax return filing process a breeze. The financial portal also hosts an interactive online tax forum dedicated to facilitating the taxpaying community

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A platform for payroll management function

Click2Payroll is a Human resource management system which has been developed to undertake all the Payroll management functions for the employees of an organization. From custom reports and cash statements to salary slips and bonus details, everything is managed easily on this platform.

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E-Marketplace for Eyewears

Overview: Shop Felix Gray offers a wide range of eyeglasses designed to be used by people who use computers extensively in their work. Since the eye problems have started gaining significant traction, there’s a huge demand for eyeglasses that may provide maximum protection to the eyes. Solution: W3villa is a credible tech-driven platform that designed and built a streamlined ecommerce web application that provided a high-quality feature with multiple facilities. In addition, W3villa's solution architect incorporated a state-of-the-art fulfilment solution to provide shipping and picking solutions to the client. With a dexterous crew of experts, the company uses efficient and state-of-the-art technologies to provide the best of the best online shopping experience to users who wear eyewear.

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Felix gray

An App for discount coupons and cashback

PigeeOffers provides local store offers, info and coupons with iOS and android app. They were looking for a price-efficient way to launch their MVP. We helped them by making the process of development as lean as possible. Used ionic to decrease the cost of building the app in multiple platforms

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A platform for Solar Technology Solutions

Solar TOU is a project based on solar technology and California’s electricity distribution and management concepts. The software built by W3villa Technologies manipulates and processes user data and generates informative reports containing a comparative and calculative analysis of the costs, as well as payback period associated with Time Of Use, Solar installation requirements, and other essential parameters.

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Professional packers and movers platform

The website for Moverdeal was built to deliver a smooth and pleasant experience to people who need to relocate their office, home, or commercial furnishings across India. This also enables relocation service providers to offer services as bidders. The online mechanism behind this interaction between the two dealing parties is one of the prime functionalities offered by Moverdeal.

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A Project Management Tool

Simmpli is a project and team management software. It allows managers to manage projects and teams in remote locations, track teams, tasks and projects.

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An independent venture capital platform

Six38PPN is a community-based platform which seeks to bring together entrepreneurs and investors on a common floor. Innovators craft their ideas of new business projects as investment proposals and investors evaluate them for success. Equipped with rich features, this business portal stands out as one of the most influential investment portals of the era.

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