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ShopFelixGray provides a range of eyeglasses designed to be used by people who use computers extensively in their work. W3villa designed and built a streamlined application that provided a high quality web site. In addition W3villa's solution architect incorporated a state of the art fulfillment solution to provide shipping and picking solutions for fulfillment.

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Felix gray


Eventory.io is designed to provide a user managed backoffice for creating and maintaining product listings on multiple channels. Eventory.io works with Amazon, eBay, Spree and other channels to list, reprice and automagically manage your product listings. Using Eventory.io enables clients to optimize their listings.

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Solar TOU

Solar TOU is a project based on the solar technology and California’s electricity distribution and management concepts. The software built by W3villa Technologies manipulates and processes user data and generates informative reports containing a comparative and calculative analysis of the costs, as well as payback period associated with Time Of Use, Solar installation requirements, and other essential parameters. With the help of this efficient solar power portal, solar customers can analyse the economic and financial feasibility of their solar project and judge their requirement capacity for solar installation.

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Heluss disrupts the insurance industry, transforming how the policy works; by utilizing blockchain technologies, smart contracts and AI in claims management.

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Road Ready Wheels

Road Ready Wheels was developed as an E-commerce platform featuring multiple levels of user and customer engagement processes. The project is associated with the sale of replica car wheels, and thus integrates modules of multiple car manufacturers, models, and year variants. Functions like Smart search and Online chat represent the crucial success parameters of such an e-commerce platform.

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With an all in one solution for commercial real estate, CreNews presents the idea of bringing high-end news and information to professionals in the commercial real estate industry. The service provides this market intelligence through enterprising daily news reporting by its staff of seasoned real estate journalists. In addition, it provides a daily digest of relevant real estate news by culling through some 100 publications and summarizing important stories.

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Cre news


Simmpli.com is a internal project of Team W3villa which helps client to keep track on whats the team is working on. Simmpli.com provides many features like project managements (agile methodology), work reports, time logs, ledger management, payroll system, deals pipeline, website monitoring and todo management.

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Buyrogz (E commerce)

Buyrogz aims at selling quality pet products from dogs' collars to cats' harnesses, from sizes small to XX-large, adopting an eco-friendly and rational perspective in the delivery of the products online and offering accessories for dogs and cats. The fun part about the site is its Celebrity page, wherein you may register your dog/cat as a celebrity!

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Alt247 is a P2P Blockchain platform established to simplify the cryptocurrency trading process. One can securely sell, buy and trade well over 160 cryptocurrencies with other crypto traders. Another key feature developed in this crypto portal is Virtual trading: allowing traders to operate with a virtual form of cryptocurrency. A cross-platform mobile app has also been developed by W3villa for the project.

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My SMSF is a finance management service based in Australia. The web-based project includes modules like Portfolio management, Financial data management, Data processing & manipulation, and other functions associated with the process of SMSF administration. Besides administration, the company also provides SMSF consultation and online support.

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