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ShopFelixGray provides a range of eyeglasses designed to be used by people who use computers extensively in their work. W3villa designed and built a streamlined application that provided a high quality web site. In addition W3villa's solution architect incorporated a state of the art fulfillment solution to provide shipping and picking solutions for fulfillment.


"Awesome people to work with. "
David R.


Eventory.io is designed to provide a user managed backoffice for creating and maintaining product listings on multiple channels. Eventory.io works with Amazon, eBay, Spree and other channels to list, reprice and automagically manage your product listings. Using Eventory.io enables clients to optimize their listings.

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"Automation on the inventory process saved a lot of time, highly recommend team "
John D.
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EOD Fudge

EOD Fudge.com is a website based on a business started by Aaron Hale, who served as a fourteen year veteran in the U.S. Military. After working as an EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Technician for about six years, he lost his eyesight in an explosion. Yet, this did not stop him from taking challenges, and he started Extra Ordinary Delights - EOD Fudge with the aid of his fiancée McKayla. At W3villa, we redesigned and developed the EOD Fudge website to the level of excellence that geared the boom of their business!


"We love the work that W3villa does. We hope you enjoy our fudge!"
McKayla and Aaron

Solar TOU

Solar TOU is a project based on the solar technology and California’s electricity distribution and management concepts. The software built by W3villa Technologies manipulates and processes user data and generates informative reports containing a comparative and calculative analysis of the costs, as well as payback period associated with Time Of Use, Solar installation requirements, and other essential parameters. With the help of this efficient solar power portal, solar customers can analyse the economic and financial feasibility of their solar project and judge their requirement capacity for solar installation.

Solar tou software

"The solar industry was struggling to get accurate calculations for Time of Use. In December 2017, we started working with W3villa and by February of 2018 - the team had developed a fully operational system to efficiently, accurately and quickly calculate a customer's future bill on Time of Use. We look forward to the additional features being added."
Eric G


PigeeOffers provides local store offers, info and coupons with iOS and android app. They were looking for a price efficient way to launch their MVP. We helped them by making the process of development as lean as possible. Used ionic to decrease the cost of building the app in multiple platforms


"W3villa is the right team for your startup. Thanks a lot."
Manuel A. - Founder, PigeeOffers


Simmpli.com is a internal project of Team W3villa which helps client to keep track on whats the team is working on. Simmpli.com provides many features like project managements (agile methodology), work reports, time logs, ledger management, payroll system, deals pipeline, website monitoring and todo management.

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"Simmpli.com makes the process of managing remote teams simple and efficient."
Gary F. - Founder, Calidogz


Commonstake is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) social media platform. They want us to decrease the page load time and change existing designs. We helped them by not just decreasing page load time, but also reducing the infrastucture cost by 50%


"For everyone posting articles to Commonstake, there's been lots of changes to the total design, thus simplifying our process. You'll note that for the most part, article titles self-populate upon adding the url. And now, pictures from the articles appear in the preview field. It makes the social media prep so much easier when there's a/the relevant photo in the preview."
Ben M. - CIO, Scalechange