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News Portal Solution for Commercial Real Estate

A real estate news platform delivering up-to-date news, insights and analysis to industry professionals.


It is a digital platform that provides news about the commercial real estate industry. The platform aims to provide accurate and timely news, analysis, and insights to help real estate professionals make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Project Objective

The objective of the project is to create the go-to source for real estate professionals, delivering the most comprehensive and timely news, analysis and insights. It strives to build a community of industry professionals who rely on the platform for reliable and relevant information to help them make better business decisions. We created this platform to deliver accurate, up-to-date news, comprehensive analysis, and valuable insights. By offering a reliable and relevant source of information, we aimed to empower industry professionals in making informed business decisions and foster a vibrant community of real estate experts.


  • Real estate news platform
  • Industry-specific focus
  • Timely and accurate news
  • Community building for industry professionals

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Membership API


  • News articles and analysis
  • Industry event calendar
  • Company directory
  • Newsletter subscription


  • Deliver news and analysis
  • Maintain a comprehensive industry event calendar
  • Provide a searchable company directory
  • Connect job seekers with employers

Project challenges

  • Building a network of industry experts and insiders to provide insights and analysis
  • Creating a user-friendly and responsive design that can handle large amounts of data and traffic
  • Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information
  • Monetizing the platform while maintaining its credibility

Solutions we developed

  • Partnering with industry experts and insiders to provide exclusive insights and analysis
  • Collaborating with UX designers to create a user-friendly and responsive design
  • Implementing a strict editorial process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information
  • Offering a variety of monetization strategies, including advertising, sponsorships, and subscription-based services.

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