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We provide complete Peatio deployment & configurations - software maintenance, security updates, server monitoring support and blockchain integration.



Safe, secure & reliable


Customised UI

Customised UI & platform with vigorous back-end

Saas architecture

Saas Architecture

Open-source SaaS Architecture


Our service also include:

For cloud

  • AWS or GCP Deployment
  • Configuration as code
  • Service Integration
  • Defining cluster size
  • Access control settings
  • Cost management

Development Includes

  • Agile Development and Scrum
  • Dedicated & certified developers/cross functional team
  • Developing custom interfaces with Reactjs and front-end React library, including great trading UI with TradingView
  • Blockchain development
  • High performance Cryptocurrency exchange
  • High performance compatible engine
  • In-built Proof of Solvency Audit
  • Websocket API with high frequency trading support
  • Inbuilt Management API, Server-to-server API and RabbitMQ Event API
  • Manage various digital currencies like (BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, XRP, TRX, BNB, OMG, VEN, ZRX, MKR)
  • Multiple wallet support
  • Customization of payment gateway for fiat and digital currencies.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • KYC verification
  • Admin dashboard and other management tools
  • 2FA + multi-sig + DHWC wallets + balance control security features
  • Cross Browser Testing and Debugging and mobile-first, Responsive Design
  • Monitor cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets etc., get notifications or set alarms according to user specifications via Boilr
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What's in it for you!

Deposits & withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Trade with multiple currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.
  • Incorporate payment gateways and additional services via API endpoints
  • Real-time Order Matching System
Client management

Client Management

  • Assess client’s information according to the standard banking and AML regulations.
  • Risk analysis and monitoring of the user activities to keep any fraudulent activity or behavior at bay.
  • Either implement a Barong user account or KYC engine, to keep track of customers. You can also plug any other of your choice via API
Manage your business

Manage Your Business

  • Monitor business operation with ease.
  • Easily customize the platform’s aspects regarding your services and how you want to keep a track.
  • Grant access permissions to manage or supervise every day activities.
Build & integrate code

Build & Integrate Code

  • Plan, create and maintain Infrastructure as Code
  • Install resources
  • Implement Concourse as a microservice build server
Modular architecture

Modular Architecture

  • Maintain wallets, order book, authentications and KYC services with Peatio and Barong components
  • Integrate payment gateway of your choice
  • Customize front-end with react library with a combination of predefined elements with the freedom to develop according to your specific needs.


  • Ruby 2.1.0
  • Rails 4.0+
  • Redis 2.0+
  • Git 1.7.10+
  • Docker / Kubernetes Administration
  • Amazon AWS, Google Cloud GCP, Azure account
  • MySQL 5.7 Highly available (RDS / Cloud SQL)
  • Blockchain services or nodes running in VM
  • RabbitMQ service running in the cluster or in VM
  • Cloud and Linux administration
  • Micro-services and OAuth 2.0

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