Online Shopping Solutions for Premium-Quality Wheels and Tires

It is an online marketplace that offers a vast selection of top-quality wheels and tires for all vehicle types at highly competitive prices, providing customers with the perfect fit and a smooth ride on the road.


We developed as an E-commerce platform featuring multiple levels of user and customer engagement processes. The project is associated with the sale of replica car wheels, and thus integrates modules of multiple car manufacturers, models, and year variants. Functions like Smart search and online chat represent the crucial success parameters of such an e-commerce platform. The company is dedicated to providing the best customer experience while ensuring that transactions are secured and end-to-end encrypted. We have a dedicated crew of professionals who are seasoned and experienced, and helped in creating multiple features to make the website user-friendly and provided a shopping cart, payment gateway, and shipping features as per eCommerce standards. With all such features, the client is likely to turn visitors into potential customers.

An E-commerce Platform Development for Pet Supplies and Accessories Online

It is an online shopping website for all types of pet gear. The website aims to sell quality pet products to customers. It aims at selling quality pet products from dogs' collars to cats' harnesses, from sizes small to XX-large, adopting an eco-friendly and rational perspective in the delivery of the products online and offering accessories for dogs and cats.


W3villa Technologies developed a platform with the aim of simplifying the pet supply shopping experience, offering durable and affordable products for cats and dogs.

Vendor and Yard Management Solution in the Aftermarket Industry

Aftermarket online platform for managing vendors and yards with streamlined communication & inventory management.


W3villa Technologies developed an online platform to manage Yard and vendor. The platform enables many vendors to sell their aftermarket products to salvage yards.

Online Marketplace Solution For Flower & Gifts Delivery

An online marketplace for floriculture farmers, vendors, shopkeepers & buyers where they can buy & sell fresh flowers.


W3villa Technologies build a B2B marketplace of flowers to connect flowers and plant growers to buyers. We have provided the listing of flowers and plants for the customer to order from the platform. With multiple registration modules for the vendor, Shopkeepers, and buyers, the platform provides easy access for buyers and sellers. We have designed a facility for vendors and farmers that gives them the flexibility to interact with the platform for the storage of huge quantities of flowers.

A Desktop Platform Development for Customized Energy Solutions

This desktop application provides the necessary calculations for equipping your home with solar panels based on your electricity consumption.


W3villa Technologies developed this platform to compare and examine the costs and payback period for Time of Use, Solar installation, and other relevant parameters. This effective solar power portal empowers solar customers to assess the economic and financial feasibility of their solar project and determine the capacity requirement for solar installation.

An Online Women's Clothing Platform

An e-commerce website that specializes in women's clothing and offers a diverse range of options to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. Our platform is designed to simplify the shopping experience and help women find the perfect outfit that suits their individual needs.


We developed an online platform for women's clothing that enables users to shop for clothes that best fit their body shape and size.

Platform Development for Stylish Blue Light Glasses

An online platform that offers a wide range of fashionable blue light glasses to protect eyes from the harmful effects of digital screens.


W3villa Technologies developed an innovative project to tackle the prevalent issue of digital eye strain resulting from extensive screen usage.

B2B Marketplace Solution to Connect Buyers and Sellers

An online platform that creates a powerful bridge between buyers and sellers in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace.


We developed this platform to build a comprehensive & effective bridge for buyers and sellers in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. It facilitates the accurate matching of needs and capabilities, encourages informed decision-making on both sides, and helps to streamline the B2B transaction process.

A Global Marketplace Solution to Connect Makers and Consumers

A global marketplace that unites makers and consumers from around the world. With the platform, customers can create custom-designed home decor items and fabric using a choice of millions of images and patterns.


We developed this project to allow makers to create and sell their custom-made products to customers worldwide.

Online Marketplace Development for Local Food Delivery

An online marketplace connecting consumers with local food producers, delivering fresh and locally sourced products to their doorsteps.


We successfully developed and implemented the project, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both buyers and sellers.

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