Aaron Hale, an experienced EOD Technician, saw his life change dramatically a few years ago. Working for the US military in Afghanistan in late 2011, he lost his eyesight when an Improvised Explosive Device exploded right in front of his face! In the years to come, he even developed a bacterial disease which cost him his hearing ability. But besides all that, he still remains so determined towards his goals that he always moves a foot ahead of what his fate offers him. Besides life and the veteran community, the next big thing which evoked his determination was his fudge business he started with the aid of McKayla Tracy. Let's see in this software development case study how W3villa Technologies, a leading web development company in Noida, performed its role in helping him live his dream, by optimizing and restructuring his EOD Fudge Business Website!


This project involved major challenges in both the web design and web development of the website. Yet, with a great amount of dedication, our team of web developers and web designers not just completed these challenges, but also scored excellence on the scale of performance.


Migrating from PHP to ROR The website had to be migrated from PHP to ROR (Ruby On Rails) framework by the web developers at the web development and web design firm.

Beautiful UI We changed the dimensions of the layout's various components. For a better user experience, image magnification and other styles were integrated into the web design. Review of Functionality The website's functionality was improved in order to improve its performance. The URL structure (permalinks including slugs) of the various web pages was also safely restructured to an ideal degree.

Addition of Components Our team of professionals efficiently harnessed image magnification tools and components in the website design to offer a better appearance of the website. The entire project was completed with a great deal of teamwork, ambition, and accountability. The measure of client happiness and content was given special attention.


From transforming the back-end foundation of the website to the optimisation of its front-end appearance, the execution of this web project involved the application of the knowledge of most of the web development technologies. The whole project was carried until the end with a great amount of teamwork, ambitions, and responsibility. Special emphasis was laid on the scale of client satisfaction and content. Finally, at time of the delivery of the project, the whole team(including the web designers and web developers) of the leading web development company in Noida- W3villa Technologies, was well confident and highly motivated in regards to the website's appearance, functions, performance, usability, responsiveness, competitiveness, and content accuracy.

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