An Introduction to Simmpli.

Simmpli is a great HR software tool developed by W3villa Technologies that has nearly all the essential features required to manage and organize the different team functions of an organization. Being an internal project of W3villa Technologies, has been developed using the modern and the latest technologies which empower it to perform different team management actions in the most efficient and innovative manner. Thus, Simmpli is not just a simple project management software, but it has evolved into something which even goes way beyond that to make the business functions much more easier to manage.

An extraordinary tool for an effective and efficient team management.

How Simmpli was created?

The entire course of the development of Simmpli involved some notable and exciting challenges. Let us have a look at the stages of the development of Simmpli.

The Initial Stages

During the initial or early stages of the website development of Simmpli, the components and features of the website were kept basic. It was done so in order to test and observe the compatibility or competence of such a software to perform the different functions of a business or an organization related to project management, team management(employee management), task management, and other ones. Thus, this may be called a move to create a blueprint of a much better online task management software which was being planned to be launched later in the form of updates of Simmpli. The following were the features which were included in

Project Management System

Project Management System was one of the elementary features which were added to Simmpli. Project management serves as one of the most important functions of a business or an organization. Project management apps or project management software are one of the most convenient methods to perform this function.

Employee Management System

Another elementary feature that was included in was an employee management system. It is important for an organization to maintain a good record of its current employees and ex-employees as well. Team management software or employee management software serve this function in a good manner.

Timeline Management

Finally, there is one more notable feature of Simmpli that was added to it early in its initial stages, which is timeline management system. Timelines here refers to the daily reports of an employee's working schedule with respect to time. These may be generated in some cases with the aid of a team management software.

Simmpli website

Further Developments

The initial functionality that was having was itself self-sufficient to carry out some major functions of a business or an organization(whether big or small) related to project management, employee management(team management), and timeline management. However, in due course it was felt that even more new features could be added to Simmpli in order to make it the best team management software. It was also planned to upgrade some of the existing features of Simmpli, including the upgrade of employee management system and timeline management system. Let us have a look at some of these further developments:

Inclusion of Social feature

A business or an organization must have a good social interaction among the employees and between the employer and the team in order to execute an effective team management and task management process. Hence, keeping this fact in mind, a new feature for promoting social interaction was included in This social interaction tool in Simmpli now allows the team members to share thoughts, images, videos, accomplishments, and other sorts of information among each other. This also serves as an effective medium of team-wide communication, through which the high level management in an organization can announce instructions for the rest of the team.

Rejuvenation of Timeline Management System

Later in the development process, another big accomplishment for Simmpli appeared in the form of a complete update of its timeline management system. Under this, the entire visual design and functionality of the web application was rejuvenated to make it better and more convenient and interactive.

Upgrade of Employee Management System

There was also a major upgrade in the employee management tool of Under this upgrade, many new interactive features were added, which aided to improve the website's functionality. This upgrade further resulted in making the team and task management tools of Simmpli more inter-connected and interactive.

Simmpli has the ability to make the remote team management simple.

Continuous Improvement!

Simmpli, being an excellent HR solution has now become one of the leading project planning software. Yet, the web designers and website developers working at W3villa Technologies are aimed for introducing some more innovations to this task tracking software in form of updates. One of them is a team chat system for further improving the team communication among the team members. Also, the project management system of Simmpli is all set to get restored to a new level of excellence. With all these new interactive features, and existing and proposed improvements, Simmpli is simply headed to become the Best team and task management software.

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