Simmpli is a great HR software tool developed by W3villa Technologies that has nearly all the essential features required to manage and organize the different team functions of an organization. Being an internal project of W3villa Technologies, Simmpli.com has been developed using the modern and the latest technologies which empower it to perform different team management actions in the most efficient and innovative manner. Thus, Simmpli is not just a simple project management software, but it has evolved into something which even goes way beyond that to make the business functions much easier to manage.
The project tool has been developed by harnessing state-of-the-art technologies which empower it to perform different team management actions most efficiently and innovatively.

What Was the Aim Behind Simmpli?

We wanted to create a software tool that is an ideal example of new-age technology to make business functions hassle-free and easier to manage.

How Did We Do It?

During the initial or early stages of the website development of Simmpli, we keep the components and features of the website basic. Our software experts then added a multitude of features that include

Initial Stages:

Project Management System: We efficiently incorporate the applications and tools used to plan, organize, and manage complex projects. The tools may include general software applications such as spreadsheets and email applications, or specific project management applications.

Employee Management System: To maintain a good record of its current employees and ex-employees as well.

Timeline Management: To manage the daily reports of an employee’s working schedule to time.

Further Developments

Inclusion of Social Feature: We infused a robust, scalable, and efficient social interaction tool that allows the team members to share thoughts, images, videos, accomplishments, and other information with each other.

Rejuvenation of Timeline Management System: The entire visual design and functionality of the web application was rejuvenated to make it better and more convenient and interactive.

Upgrade of Employee Management System:A wide gamut of interactive features were added to significantly improve the functionality of the website.

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