Online Marketplace for Food Ordering

An internal project of W3villa, Shopchain integrates a network of food service providers within a single e-commerce platform. This involves user management in form of buyers and merchants, complete store management, and the centralised support features. A cross-platform mobile application has also been developed targeting Android and iPhone users.

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An API tool to create the website

The purpose of creating W3sockets was to introduce a new force in the WebSocket technology, being a yet another internal project of W3villa Technologies. W3sockets reveals W3villa's impulse to advance in the process of delivering preeminent services based on peak technologies.

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Software for Product listing management is designed to provide a user managed backoffice for creating and maintaining product listings on multiple channels. works with Amazon, eBay, Spree and other channels to list, reprice and automagically manage your product listings. Using enables clients to optimize their listings.

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A portal for financial service to taxpayers

Click N Tax, a tax portal built to offer online financial services to taxpayers (individuals and firms), zeroes in on making the tax return filing process a breeze. The financial portal also hosts an interactive online tax forum dedicated to facilitating the taxpaying community

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An App for discount coupons and cashback

PigeeOffers provides local store offers, info and coupons with iOS and android app. They were looking for a price-efficient way to launch their MVP. We helped them by making the process of development as lean as possible. Used ionic to decrease the cost of building the app in multiple platforms

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A platform for Solar Technology Solutions

Solar TOU is a project based on solar technology and California’s electricity distribution and management concepts. The software built by W3villa Technologies manipulates and processes user data and generates informative reports containing a comparative and calculative analysis of the costs, as well as payback period associated with Time Of Use, Solar installation requirements, and other essential parameters.

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A Project Management Tool

Simmpli is a project and team management software. It allows managers to manage projects and teams in remote locations, track teams, tasks and projects.

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