NFT Trading Platform

NFT Trading Platform

NFT Trading Platform

Project Description:

It is a NFT-based platform providing facility to the users to sell and buy the pieces of the four world leaders' face image from the platform.


A user can land on the website, navigate to four characters available on the website. The character's images have been chopped to 1080 pieces and the user can buy any piece from the image. Each piece is having the same amount when purchased. User can connect their wallet using Metamask and then make a purchase by selecting as many tiles the user want to buy. Initially, the character's images shown as Black & White and when purchased the piece go colourful, and eventually, the character is built in the colored version on purchases. The chopping of images in 1080 pieces and maintaining the exact proportion of the height and width. Upload each piece to IPFS with separate details of each image. Arranging these images in the UI with proper visibility and the option to select and buy each piece.

Technology Used:

NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, Ethereum, Metamask, Web3.js, Ethers.js. IPFS, NFT


  • Buy and sell the NFTs
  • Decentralized payment system
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • wallet for transaction

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