React Native: Limitations Challenging The Master Set

React Native: Limitations Challenging The Master Set

Being a JavaScript framework React Native is brought into action for writing real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It’s based on Facebook's JavaScript library for developing UI, that targets mobile platforms. It enables web developers to write truly “Native” look-alike mobile applications only with the help of JavaScript library. With its codes being shareable between platforms, React Native eases simultaneous development for both Android and iOS.

some of the great implementations of React Native are:- 

  1. Facebook

  2. Skype

  3. Instagram

  4. Uber-Eats

  5. Walmart

  6. Discovery VR


Almost every React Native developer by now has heard about Airbnb, Udacity, and a few more applications moving away from React Native. It might be eerie to witness a sudden move but an organization should eradicate a tech-stack or framework which does not seem fruitful enough in the future.
Similar to many others, React Native also has some limitations which are extremely important to understand before initiating the development of your mobile apps. 

Therefore to help you with the same, we are enlisting some of the most common limitations experienced by React Native’s expert developer community. 

  • Various Fundamental Issues →

    Fundamental issues refer to the direct architectural limitations of the React Native framework. These issues are unlikely to change and can only be worked around to reduce their impact.

    Below mentioned are some of the fundamental issues of React Native:

    a) Serializing the Bridge →
    The data set on its way in has to be arranged in a serial order into JSON and deserialized on its way out. This can prove out to be costly for data-intensive issues. It also resists memory sharing between native and JS.

    b) Commanding Limitations →
    JS is single-threaded, which means it accepts one command at a time which makes it tedious for doing meaningful work in the JS context.

    c) Initialization Times →
    Any code in JS needs to be resolved in the JS VM. There are a few ways to rectify it with bytecode caching.

  • Issued in socializing →
    Also, there are Socialization Issues listed below which can be resolved by the React Native community contribution.

    a) Effectual typing →
    This can be largely resolved with a typescript, flow, or reason even without being the common path. This highly concerns a large part of the native community.

    b) Too much focus on web →
    The React Native community consists of web engineers and is all about the web. This may occasionally threaten Native engineers which provides a reason for both the communities to look for some common ground.

    c) Lower Average Quality than Native →
    This seems to be true as we do not see many successful high-quality examples of React Native.

These above-mentioned issues are the ones that often make developer’s experiences a little bit worse, but not to the point of breaking a deal. But that depends on the application you build.

Even after completing more than two years of its launch, React Native still has a long way to go. Its above-mentioned limitations are the ones that are commonly experienced by the React Native community. If you too are facing the same, we are at your rescue. With W3villa being a mobile and web app development company at your end, you get numerous options to choose from among different cross-platform development frameworks based on your project’s use case. Our team of expert developers is available 24*7 as per your requirements. Our developers are highly efficient in providing all-inclusive mobile application and web application development and consultation  services that provide your customers with a high end-user experience and boosts the ROI of your business 

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