Impact of AI on Mobile App Development and User Experience

Impact of AI on Mobile App Development and User Experience

There is no doubt about the fact that technology is doing wonders, as this can be seen in user experience and mobile applications. Also, artificial Intelligence being the latest technology is getting accepted among different digital platforms. AI is useful for different industries, as it provides a better user interface and user experience. This technology is performing the best when it comes to mobile app development, as AI algorithms make it possible for mobile apps to make learning better from data that is user generated. 

Sources say that approximately 77% of people are using a single device/service that has AI functioning. AI is enhancing business productivity and it is predicted that by the year 2030, AI will enhance the global GDP to $15.7 trillion. 

Tracing the Impact of AI on Mobile App Development

Although AI is supporting different industries its impact on mobile app development is tremendous and covers-

Recognizing the face/image- AI in mobile apps is being used for image/facial recognition, as this feature is common in Android smartphones. AI and ML algorithms are used for face recognition that further helps to unlock the phone. This helps in keeping your phone secured, as no one else can get access to it if facial recognition fails. Scanning of barcodes/QR code also uses AI to make payments quickly via smartphones. 

Natural language Processing- NLP is an old and complex branch of AI that converts words on the device into binary code of ML. The use of data in NLP is from AI, computer science and language.

Recognizing emotions- This is the latest in AI, as ML and AI together are used in apps to capture every emotion. The software is capable of reading small and big human emotions via voice or image data processing. 

Automated driving models/apps- You are now on a route and want to reach your destination in the shortest time then you must opt for Google Maps. Machine learning technology stays updated with the data to provide the best route travel. Algorithms can easily predict the distance, the number of traffic lights and other details to suggest the best travel route. 

Chatbots- Although chatbot happens to be the basic use of AI technology, it is beneficial for banking, e-commerce and other sectors that provide customer support. Chatbots can make use of ML to form a compact and easy conversation that can easily solve problems. 

Mobile phone with search engines- AI and ML is supporting voice search and commands that makes it easy for the user to enjoy a quick search. There is no use to type, as your voice command is enough to proceed and this saves typing time.

Fingerprint biometrics- Artificial Intelligence is not only supporting computer systems but also smartphone software to capture the fingerprint of the user and compare it to the fingerprint of any other individual touching the phone.

Smart camera apps- Best images are being produced by putting the subject within a specific frame. AI and ML together can easily recognize and work on the images to produce the best. 

Target advertising-To keep a track of the ad that has been viewed till the end, it is Machine Learning that is being used in target advertising. Records are maintained for the ads viewed completely or even when tagging is done. 

How AI is improving User Experience?

There are ways in which AI is providing a better user experience, as it helps in-

Drive localization- Cab drivers enjoy AI technology when it suggests to them the best route to reach a destination. Good recommendations are given by the technology that is beneficial for cab drivers.

Better learning- AI technology works on the concept of better learning by making more effort. Different methods are used for solving problems and the best one is saved for use in the future by the software. 

Enhancing automation- AI is supporting humans to make better decisions while making less use of human input. The best results are used by AI technology to gain maximum benefits.

Personalized user experience- Users are provided with a personalized experience and this is done via AI algorithms that are formed on the basis of user preferences. 

How AI is changing the Mobile App development process?

AI can also develop mobile apps even without using technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. While having a closer look at AI changing mobile app development it covers-

Generation of code-Writing codes is a time taking and tedious job but NLP technology is helping programmers to learn software while coding other software. Tabnine is a perfect example of an auto-completion tool that can easily write code via verbal instructions. There are other such tools in the market as well.

Requirements documentation- An algorithm that is designed in a unique way can easily find disturbances in the requirements while highlighting them so that it can be fixed by the team members at the stage of development. ML kits with NLP is promoting AI use in app development, as this combination supports developers as well as project managers to build perfect requirements documentation.

Software designing and testing- Tools are provided by Google, Microsoft Azure AI and other platforms to make the designing process simple while enhancing development. Training of machine learning models can be done with the use of AI technology is app development. Automated testing is slowly replacing manual testing but it has still not completely replaced manual testing even if it supports quick software development. Writing code for automated testing is a tedious job and to make this process easy and quick, it is AI-based tools that are really helpful. 

Quick experimenting- For successful development, experimenting is a must and continuous experimenting is done to monitor the progress. In the case of mobile app development, there is usually very less time available for experimenting. Platforms are available to provide an interface for the development and deployment of quick ML solutions, as this is beneficial for the developers to try new ways without a hectic schedule.

Let’s Conclude!

It is true that Artificial Intelligence is opening different opportunities while making changes in the mobile app development business by using the latest tools for quick and easy app development. AI is helping to bring a change in the interaction of users with app products and services. Best and customized algorithms can be built with technologies like ML, AI & NLP for better user engagement and business growth. So, the impact of AI on mobile app development is remarkable provided it is implemented in the correct way. Get in touch with W3villa Technologies, a mobile application development company, to discuss your business requirement. 

Pallavi Gupta

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