A guide to hiring competent Python developer

A guide to hiring competent Python developer

Are you getting frustrated with your hired Python developers? Or have you just realized that you have hired the wrong python developers? Well, whichever situation you are in, you are here for a reason and that is to get proper guidance on "How to hire a Python developer and what you should pay attention to?".  

You will never regret landing this page as we will help you with some important points that will further help you with the hiring process with a cost-saving approach.

Why is Python required for your project?

Python has versatile nature that makes it one of the most high-in-demand technologies around the world. It has a large number of libraries for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The reason for its increased popularity is the use of Python embedded versions in microcontrollers, and its ability to do big data analysis. It Supports different programming styles like procedural, object-oriented, or functional.  Due to its feature of reusing codes and its code efficiency one can create MVPs and prototypes.

What should be checked before onboarding python developers?

First of all, get a clear understanding of:

  • the project size
  • the complexity of the project
  • Functional and technical features
  • Product development stage
  • the size of developers' team
  • the level of experience in developers (Junior level, middle level or senior level)

Since the demand for Python developers is high, one should check for the below-mentioned skills before hiring them to get the desired success in projects.:

  • Expertise in Core Python
  • Good understanding of Web Frameworks
  • Object Relational Mappers
  • Road to Data Science
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Understanding of Multi-Process Architecture
  • Analytical skills
  • Design Skills
  • Communication skills

A good python developer should have sound knowledge of Data Structures, OOPs concepts, Variables and data types, File handling concepts, Exception Handling, Generators, and Iterators. Check the developer's way of writing code and always go with the one who writes clean code that shows a good understanding of algorithms.

Educate your team about your project with a proper explanation of the requirement. It is necessary that your team is well informed about the goals of the project, its target audience and how it will be a success in the market. Always make sure that you trust your team once you assign them the responsibilities. Always appreciate your team when they successfully complete a complex task, develop a top-class feature or reach the next milestone.


There are some common mistakes mentioned below that you should avoid while hiring Python developers:

  • Depends on passive recruitment - Don't waste your time waiting for the candidates to apply. Always go for the active recruitment that gives the better results as compared to passive.
  • Not giving enough time to examine the technical knowledge - The interviewer should have enough technical knowledge to judge the candidate's technical knowledge.  There should never be a quick closing just on the basis of theoretical knowledge. If you want to expand your existing team then get your senior developer or tech-lead involved in the interview process.
  • Considering soft skills are not important - It is important to judge how the candidate would communicate with the team if got hired. No doubt, miscommunication and inability to explain one's point leads to stagnation. Hence, to avoid this in your team, always check for the soft skills along with the technical ones.
  • Not giving an assignment - Just a verbal interview is never enough to judge a developer. Assigning an assignment or task to the candidates will help in sound shortlisting. This will show you how well one handles a complex situation and how well they write clean codes. This will also help you save time and money.

Interview process - 

If you are not:

  • able to take face to face interviews with the candidates then, go for online interviews on platforms like Skype, Google meet, zoom etc.
  • a technical person and have no or very less knowledge of technology then, it's better to bring a technical recruiter to take interviews with B-tech in computer science background.

the interview should at least involve the below information of the candidates appearing for the interviews:

- total experience and the relevant experience in the specific tech stack.

- what language and frameworks they have worked on so far.

- the details of their projects they worked on like -no. of projects, team size, and tech stack

-  What challenges they have faced in their developer's career and how they overcome those challenges.

- What kind of clients they have worked with - Domestic or International.

Some of the portals you can find your next python developer on are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Toptal
  • Github
  • python.org


Now you are all set to hire competent python developers. Make sure you give an assignment to your applicants to test their technical knowledge. Never go for just a telephonic interview and try to take face to face interviews for the better shortlisting of the candidates.

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