Your Absolutely Amazing Multi-Vendor Marketplace by Spree Commerce

Your Absolutely Amazing Multi-Vendor Marketplace by Spree Commerce

Marketplaces for multiple vendors have become a popular choice with businesses. As it brings maximum ROI with little investment. Merchants can easily sell their products without having to invest in creating their own web store. 

Hence, we bring in a blog specifically to talk about the spree multi vendor marketplace.

So what basically is Multi Vendor Marketplace?

An eCommerce software that is used to create an online marketplace where dealers can come together and sell their products via a single storefront. Merchants can have their own profile and collection and easily track their sales. A few examples of multi vendor marketplace include Ali express, Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. 

It is both beneficial for owners and vendors, see it's like renting a spot to someone where the owner is the landlord and vendors are the tenants. The tenants don't need to invest in making their own house while the landlord earns by giving rents his place to stay. Similarly, multi vendors marketplace is an online space where brands can sell their products and focus only on giving quality while owners can focus on building a brand as they don't really need a product to sell.

The Importance

These marketplaces are flexible and can be run as needed. A huge array of collection can be sold and taken care of. As these sites have a lot of options to sell, they fetch a lot of traffic and generate more sales in comparison.  

Logistics, inventories, product updates, prices, etc. is a tedious task that becomes easier to manage. As the brands are taking care of their own shop they don't have to hire a staff to manage the site or the evils that come with it. So, you save a lot by not having to maintain a website. 

Spree Commerce & Multi Vendor Marketplace

Multi Vendor eCommerce Platform by Spree Commerce allows you to create a portal that is fully-featured with an unlimited number of SKUs from different dealers. A Spree Commerce site is market-proven and has an extensible and scalable architecture with ready to use functionalities and is based on industry standards and best practices and offers open-source community support. 


  1. Through Spree Commerce development, products can be easily shipped via multiple stock location and various shipping methods for the buyers to choose from. 
  2. Established Audience right in your hands. More audience keeps on coming as well.
  3. Works great for those who are interested in making profits more than their interest in branding.
  4. Small investment huge ROI.
  5. Flexible virtual marketplace.
  6. Control over functionality, architecture and the ability to run a scalable & future-proof tech



  1. Product pages, filter attributes, and site-wide search.
  2. Vendor pages & products.
  3. Cart integration with the ability to add, remove and change the quantity.
  4. Easy checkout with products from different brands in a single order and make a single payment.
  5. Application form for vendors to join in.

Vendor Dashboard

  1. Manage the brand page and products.
  2. Manage orders, shipment, and the ability to track the shipment.

Super Admin Dashboard

  1. Manage product catalogs.
  2. Either approve or reject merchants' applications to join.
  3. Maintain all the brand pages.
  4. Regulate products, orders, payment, shipment, tracking, and returns or refunds.
  5. Audit all the sales reports.

3rd Party Integrations

  1. Shipping
  2. Payments
  3. Taxation
  4. Delivery
  5. Marketing automation
  6. Analytics

The best part is that you can customize the marketplace according to your needs and your business model. Spree Commerce Development gives the freedom to both owners and vendors when it comes to integrating and operating a website. This has proven to be upfront and a smart way of doing great business. Spree commerce development gives you an all-round experience of separate vendor panel, mini-stores for the brands, shipping, and reports of sales, statistics, account balance and more. 

Would you like to start with your own store? Click here to drop a request. 

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