Best Practices to Secure Blockchain

Best Practices to Secure Blockchain

Blockchain has been successful in changing the functioning of several industries. The technology promises safe and decentralized transactions but for this, it is important to maintain the security and privacy of the blockchain networks. The immediate question that comes to your mind is: how can organizations secure the blockchain network?

Well! To find an answer to these questions, you can quickly go through this piece of information, as it talks about the best practices that must be followed to ensure 100% security of the blockchain system. By implementing these practices, you can easily reduce the risks while enhancing overall security.

Best Practices to Secure Blockchain

RBAC implementation- Role-based access control must be implemented in a blockchain system, as this helps to manage user permissions. Every user has certain restricted access, reducing the chances of damage. Sensitive information is not given any unauthorized access, which helps to maintain the security of the blockchain network.

Network monitoring software- Network monitoring software and tools are used to improve the security of blockchain networks. Real-time actions can be analyzed and this helps to know about a doubtful behavior or an activity that can be stopped right away. Networking monitoring is a comprehensive monitoring software that helps quickly identify security issues while informing the administration. The software ensures the maintenance of complete security of the blockchain network.

Consensus building techniques- Organizations can choose and implement consensus-building techniques having different pros and cons according to their requirement. Consensus-building techniques ensure a better and more secure blockchain network. By using robust cryptographic algorithms, fault-tolerance mechanisms, and distributed validation, organizations can easily overcome and stop Sybil attacks. Appropriate consensus techniques can help fight against faulty activities, which in turn ensures accurate transactions while keeping the blockchain system secure.

Immutable audit trail- The blockchain immutability feature is an advantage that can be used by businesses to create a tamper-proof record of every transaction and modification. Blockchain technology supports immutable audit trails that are used for conducting security and compliance audits. This is how the use of an immutable audit trail can become a reliable source that ensures organizations are secured on a blockchain network. A genuine mechanism, complete with reliability, is provided for tracking and confirming the history of transactions.

Effective access control- Only authorized individuals should be given access to the network to ensure the security of the blockchain network; reliable access control must be used. The multi-factor authentication process focuses on strict authentication mechanisms to avoid any fraudulent activity. Strong passwords and encryption techniques can be used by businesses to stop fraud attempts. Robust access control is the only key for a secured blockchain that maintains the safety of the information. 

Cryptography- The use of encryption techniques must be done for the security of the blockchain network. End-to-end encryption leads to 100% data security, as hackers are unable to decode the data. Strong encryption algorithms and protocols must be used for complete safety, and it is encryption that acts as a strong layer of security for the blockchain system to fight against fraud attempts.

Security audits- To ensure the security of the blockchain network it is important to conduct security audits from time to time. Best practices must be followed by the organizations to know about the weak points so that the audit quality standard is maintained for the best results. This is possible only by conducting time-to-time audits. 

Smart contracts- Smart contracts are an integral part of the blockchain network, as any kind of malfunctioning in them can lead to monetary loss. It is therefore essential to maintain complete security. Secured coding techniques, code reviews, and smart contracts are some of the auditing tools that help to maintain tight security in organizations. These auditing tools help to know about malfunctioning at an early stage so that it can be fixed right away. Smart contracts help to enhance the security of the transactions which in turn builds trust among the users.

Spread awareness for better education- Errors continue to occur and on similar lines, human error can also occur in a blockchain network. Spreading awareness and educating users is very important, as they must know about the latest phishing attempts. Training programs can help users gain a better understanding of the safety of the blockchain network.

Security patches and software update- To maintain the security of the blockchain network it is important to install security patches while updating the software. This is done by the developers for better security. 

On chain-Off chain data security- IT professionals must focus on securing the blockchain network for which they should implement secured measures to hash data, cloud data, side chains, data in transit, and other forms. 

General measures- Some of the general measures that you must follow to enhance blockchain security are: use a VPN to encrypt any internet activity, as this overcomes cyberattacks; avoid sharing the keys with anyone; the device should not be left unattended; any alteration of data in the blockchain should be avoided; and you must be aware of suspicious acts so that they can be stopped right away. If you follow these measures, you can definitely strengthen the security of the blockchain network.


It is true that data is essential for every organization, for which a blockchain network system must be secured to the best. The right approach to building a secured and safe blockchain network is to opt for a comprehensive pattern that combines major practices such as educating the user, implementing technical measures, and enforcing security practices. Cyber threats are very common, and to overcome them, a secure blockchain system can prove beneficial. To enhance business growth, it is essential to opt for a safe, secure blockchain network that can easily detect errors and raise a flag if fraud is noticed.

Amrendra Pratap Singh

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