Healthcare App Development Guide: Important Features, Uses and Cost

Healthcare App Development Guide: Important Features, Uses and Cost

Health is a priority for every human and this is the reason why the healthcare sector is adopting the latest technologies to provide the best health services to the people. Nowadays healthcare apps are being used by healthcare providers to support patients by providing them the best healthcare services. Digitalization has become an integral part of the healthcare sector and this is the reason why healthcare services have become so quick. Patients also feel satisfied with the kind of facilities, care and treatment they are offered. Mobile healthcare apps are doing a great job of providing prompt healthcare services. 

Pandemic time witnessed the advantages of using healthcare apps and this is the reason why post-pandemic these apps are still in use. Healthcare apps can be customized according to the requirements for the best results. Telemedicine app is used for remote connection, as patients in remote areas can connect to the doctor via telecalling. To streamline the workflow, healthcare CRM software can be used and apps can be developed while keeping patients in the center view and managing other work.

The Use of Healthcare Apps

It is important to understand the benefits of developing healthcare apps. How the apps make health solutions easy for the patients and the professionals. Some of the advantages of using a healthcare app are-

  • Quick payment- There is no longer a requirement to stand in a long queue to pay hospital bills, as healthcare mobile apps can help with quick bill payment. The app gives a gentle reminder for the due payment and helps to make the payment in a secure way. 

  • Remote access- People in rural and remote areas cannot connect to the doctors at the right time and get treatment. Healthcare mobile apps are an advantage for such people, as the app provides quick remote access to healthcare professionals. People can get the right treatment without delay or visiting the doctor. 

  • Patient engagement- Healthcare apps are patient-centric and this helps in engaging the patients in a better way. Complete information of the patient is available in the app and patients can easily access their medical records. 

  • Centralized data- Electronic health records allow the patients as well as the health professionals to access data while being anywhere. Complete patient data is available at a central place and this feature is really helpful in providing quick treatment. Past history and treatment records are also maintained to know the patient better.

  • Timely treatment- Sometimes reaching a doctor physically is not possible and in such a case telemedicine app is really beneficial. Timely treatment and care are provided via phone call or video calling to provide proper assistance to the patients. Instructions are given without any delay for safety.

Costing of Healthcare App

There is no doubt that the healthcare web app is beneficial for the healthcare sector but the question that comes to mind is about the cost of this app. Well! The answer to this, the cost of healthcare app development depends on the technology that is being used. A primary healthcare app might be reasonable but a complex app with more functions and features might cost a bit more. Depending on the target audience the healthcare app can be developed for which the cost will be quoted by the company that provides the app.

Important Features of Healthcare App

A healthcare app can be basic or complex depending on the requirement. A basic app may have few features while a complex app may have a large number of features. Depending on the features of the app, the cost increases. Some of the features that are a part of the healthcare app include-

  • Profile- A user profile is an important feature of the healthcare app, as it gives complete information about the patient. The patient can upload the relevant data so that the doctor can access it for study. This feature is also beneficial for finding the right doctor, as patients can also go through the profiles of the doctors and know about their experience, qualifications and other relevant information. This allows the patient to choose the right doctor for his/her treatment.

  • Video conference- Video conferencing is an integral part of the healthcare mobile app development that also supports telemedicine. Video conferencing is very similar to meeting a doctor in person and discussing a health problem. Patients in remote areas and senior citizens who are not able to visit the doctor can connect to the doctor via video conferencing feature.

  • Messaging- Messaging is an important feature of the healthcare app, as it allows sharing of confidential records. Personal messages can be sent to the doctors by the patients for quick interaction.

  • Notification/reminders- This is a feature that will always keep the patient as well as the doctor updated with their fixed and scheduled appointments for the day. A patient might forget about the next visit to the doctor but a gentle notification is enough for reminder. Sometimes a doctor is also busy with some other procedures but a notification acts as a reminder for the scheduled appointment. 

  • Health data- The feature to upload health data is required in a healthcare app, as it allows the patients to upload their medical history for doctor’s reference. Doctors can also go through the patient’s health record while being anywhere across the globe.

  • Appointment- Patient-centric app must have the feature of booking an appointment. Patients can fix an appointment with the doctor according to their availability and their own convenience. Apart from booking an appointment, one can even reschedule or cancel an appointment in case of a change. This feature helps to reduce the burden on the medical staff. 

Let’s Conclude!

Gone are the days when visiting a doctor was essential and waiting in long queues was set to happen for collecting health reports and paying the bills. The development of healthcare apps by healthcare app development company has said goodbye to all this, as the apps have completely reshaped the working of the healthcare sector. Healthcare apps are helping patients as well as doctors to make the whole process of medical checkups easy and quick. The apps are helping in quick diagnosis and treatment for better health of the individuals.

Prince Pathak

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