Present and Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Top 10 Industries

Present and Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Top 10 Industries

Years ago, Artificial Intelligence was a new technology for us, but over time, it has managed to carve out its own place in the world of technology. The aim of this technology is to imbue the machines with the ability to simulate human intelligence, making them powerful enough to imitate human behavior and handle specific situations. The constant advancement in AI allows it to create computer intelligence programs that are capable of handling real-time problems while helping organizations/people achieve their targets. It is the versatile nature and advanced methodologies of this technology that make it useful for different industries.

Artificial Intelligence in Different Sectors

It is important to mention that the AI algorithm is the key factor that brings 40% of the business for a brand like Amazon. Amazon uses this technology to provide the best services to buyers. Not only Amazon, but the scope of AI can be visualized in different areas, such as marketing, sales, HR departments, agriculture, transportation, customer support, and other areas. The impact of Artificial Intelligence marks the future of different industries. Some of the industries and sectors where AI is being utilized include:

Medical Science and Healthcare

AI has been extremely beneficial to medical professionals, and this technology is being used by the healthcare sector. Forbes' research shows that data science is helping healthcare, and AI has been successful in adding value to life. AI is also used by organizations to find a better cure for cancer and to provide telemedicine to patients. Diagnosing a wrong disease is a common problem in this sector, and AI is helping doctors and other medical professionals avoid this by providing relevant recommendations and databases. This technology is being used to prevent cancer from progressing to a higher stage. Analyzing patients' databases and suggesting the right treatment has been successful in the majority of cases. The UK's National Health Service is utilizing Google's DeepMind platform to detect various health risks among people. Brain-computer interfaces are another healthcare area making use of AI to trace problems related to the brain that cause problems in speaking and moving. AI is used here to decode neural activity, which is beneficial to patients.

Research and Development

Science is making the best use of AI, as this technology can handle multiple data while processing it quickly compared to the human mind. Research can easily be done by studying a large amount of data from different sources, as this helps in better and quick drug development. AI is also being used to develop microbes in biotechnology to carry out industrial processes. Researchers are experiencing the benefits of this technology, as it is helping in drug discovery.

AI in Transportation Industry

The areas where AI is helping the transportation sector cover the use of aircraft with autopilots and autonomous vehicles. Autopilots are also used for spacecraft and ships. Additionally, self-driving cars rely on AI and machine learning technology to provide maximum benefits, such as road safety and error-free driving, which can reduce road accidents.

Data Analysis

Analysis of data is now a quick and easy task, as AI and machine learning are the technologies that are helping this sector. There is no doubt about the fact that AI algorithms are improving and that data analysts are using AI technology to analyze and handle massive data. Humans can make mistakes, and the human eye can miss insights, but AI can easily spot patterns. The scope of this technology in this sector is increasing rapidly, as one can ask a simple question to Analytics Intelligence and get an instant response. Google Analytics, featuring Analytics Intelligence, is using machine learning to help webmasters gain better insights into their websites. is another example of an AI application that can handle more data quickly than humans while making accurate predictions of customer behavior for the best results.

AI in Home Assistance

AI has now become an integral part of home assistance, in the form of smart home devices. Your voice recognition is sufficient for these devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, to perform activities. AI helps you to perform small routine tasks, like playing music, asking questions, opening apps, and buying items online. Your commands rely on voice recognition technology, which is the result of AI and machine learning. Mobile phones also come equipped with smart assistants, such as Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft's Cortana.

Cyber Security

A well-planned cyberattack can easily ruin an organization by making use of the data transferred between organizations' IT networks and clouds. To avoid these threats, organizations are now leveraging AI and investing in cybersecurity to protect their resources. Cognitive AI is helpful in detecting and analyzing risks while providing better information to analysts. By using machine learning algorithms and deep learning this technology is becoming more powerful over time. AI-based solutions to automate repetitive processes in cyber security is also being used by different institutions. Apart from dealing with threats, AI is also useful in fraud detection. This technology is being used to help avoid scams, and fraud detection can also be done at early stages. Using this technology ensures that there are very few chances of losing money through a scam.


There is a vital role of AI in transforming the education industry. India happens to be a global leader in AI, as it provides good AI education to its youth. As this technology is being used in different areas, there is a requirement for youth to understand the advancements of AI, as this opens future options for them. This technology can ensure customized educational software tailored to student's individual needs and capabilities. Language is no longer a barrier, as education is easily accessible for learners across the globe. The connection between education and AI covers three major areas: learning with AI, learning about AI, and preparing for AI. Additionally, an International Advisory Board has been appointed by UNESCO to design a framework for students and teachers to help them understand the use of AI and how it can impact humanity. The usage of AI is growing in various sectors, thus creating a need for highly skilled and experienced AI professionals.


The finance sector is making use of this technology and Zest Automated Machine Learning is a perfect example of an AI-powered solution that is developed by ZestFinance. This tool is helping organizations assess borrowers quickly without having much information about them. There are other platforms utilizing AI technology that are helping financial organizations.


Human Resources Management Department usually faces a tedious work schedule, and AI has been really helpful in transforming this industry. Integrating automation with human efforts is done in this sector to balance the working schedule and create a better working environment. This is helping with time management while providing a better platform for employees. AI is supporting Human Resources by helping with the process of recruitment, record-keeping, and training.


The first thought that comes to mind is, how is AI helpful in the agricultural field? Well! This technology is doing wonders and is not leaving agriculture behind; it helps in predicting which crops will offer the best returns. Farmers can make use of this technology to know the best time to sow crops, detect crop diseases, remove weeds, and use different ingredients like water and fertilizer for maximum yield. Machine learning is equally helpful to farmers, as they can now gain insight into the weather conditions and grow crops accordingly.


There are so many start-up organizations that are using AI to serve the manufacturing sector. AI can easily collect information about past sales, market surveys, and much more to predict future demand and supply. AI has a wide scope in this sector, helping businesses to make quick decisions.

Career opportunities in AI

Since different sectors are making use of this technology, the reports and surveys by the World Economic Forum predict that AI is creating many job opportunities. Experienced professionals as well as entry-level professionals are being hired in different areas based on their knowledge and skills related to this technology. AI Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Architect, AI Software Engineer, and AI Programmer are some of the career options for which professionals in this field can apply.

Let’s Conclude

Since AI is showing its presence in all industries, the answers to questions about the future scope of Artificial Intelligence appear to be answered. To wrap up, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are playing a vital role in changing the world of technology, which itself marks the future scope of this technology. 

Amrendra Pratap Singh

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