A Complete Guide to build a perfect Video Streaming App

A Complete Guide to build a perfect Video Streaming App

Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives, as people are using these devices in every possible way for different reasons. Apart from communication, smartphones are being used for video recording and viewing. Approximately 2.72 billion people are spending their time shooting videos and viewing live/recorded videos. Research also predicts that mobile data usage will triple times by the year 2024 after looking at the rising demand for superior-quality mobile video streaming. This has led to an increase in the demand for live-streaming apps among users. Users with iPhones or Android devices can easily use stream content. 

Understanding Live Streaming Apps

Mobile Live streaming app covers sharing of videos from mobile phones and viewing of internet videos on the mobile phone. This streaming app makes use of the hardware and software to allow the viewers to view the videos. The live streaming app is majorly used to host services like Amazon or Netflix by broadcasters. Mobile live streaming apps can be customized according to the requirements of the users and can vary from straightforward platforms to live content. This live-streaming app is beneficial for organizations that want to engage a large section of the audience like news channels, online education, TV stations, sports channels, and others. 

A streaming app includes-

  • Video encoders
  • Video transcoders
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • HTML5 video player

Future of Video Streaming Apps 

Covid time made a positive impact on the video streaming app market, as people spent a lot of time watching online videos, playing games, and attending meetings and classes. The increasing use of this app predicts positive growth for the video streaming market which is expected to reach $1,69 trillion by the year 2029. Further, the revenue of the video streaming app industry shall reach $115 billion by the year 2026. U.S. consumers, 80% of them enjoy watching videos and this is the reason why most users come across new products/brands via YouTube. By the year 2024, the number of video streaming subscribers will also grow to approximately 91 million. 

Types of Streaming Apps

You can decide on the streaming app according to your requirements, as there are 4 major types of streaming apps.

Audio streaming app- This app allows users to listen to music in real time without downloading it. The principle of this app is similar to the broadcasting app. Some of the leading examples of this app are Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.  

TV live streaming app- Users enjoy using this app to watch TV online. The programs/TV shows that are not there on video streaming can be accessed at this app.

Live broadcasting app- This streaming app is in maximum demand, as it allows users to quickly record and broadcast their videos. All this can be done in real time without making any downloads. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are the best examples of live broadcasting apps.

Video on-demand streaming app- To opt for this streaming app there is a need for a lot of tech stack considerations. 

Building of a Video Streaming App

To build a video streaming app, you must follow these 7 steps in a meticulous way for the best results-

Concept formation- You need to have a clear concept in your mind, as this will help you to decide the content type that you want to provide to your target audience. Whether the content should be entertaining, sports-related, educational, or news. You can also decide on unique features in your app that will set you apart from the existing competitors in the market. Have a clear idea about your target area and the preferences of the users.

Right technology and platform- You need to decide on the right technology and platform. Whether you need a native app or a cross-platform app. Native app is for Android and iOS while cross-platform works well with React Native and Flutter. Your aim should be for smooth, quick, and superior-quality live streaming. 

Simpler user interface- Users should find the interface to be easy and friendly to use. Some of the elements that could make the interface simple are easy sign-up, a video player, an organized material library, and an attractive design.

Live streaming functions- The live streaming app allows you to provide real-time material. You must try to incorporate live streaming features that support broadcasting as well as viewing streams. Further integration with a CDN can ensure smooth video streaming with very little buffering. You can also add other tools for better user interaction like comments and likes.

Monetization- For business sustainability and growth, monetization of live streaming apps is an ideal option. You can look for the different income sources that are available like pay-per-view, in-app purchase, ad placement, and others. 

Scalability and performance- Always design the software in such a way that in the future you can go for scalability. Once your app becomes popular, you can go for scalability to manage large traffic without compromising on the quality. Performance should also be reviewed and managed from time to time to ensure smooth functioning. In case there is a technical issue, it should be fixed right away.

Testing and launching- Testing is a crucial step, as you must test your live streaming app in a meticulous way before allowing the public to access it. Once you are satisfied after testing the app, you can launch it for your target audience. 

Costing of Streaming App development

The cost of a streaming app development depends on the type of platform that you want to opt for. Whether it is a working prototype or a full-fledged platform, the cost varies accordingly. The cost for streaming app development covers the cost of desktop, mobile app, and web. Costing also goes for optimizing streams and building a scalable architecture. Streaming engine integration also adds to the total cost. 

Final Say!

To bring a major change in mobile app development you must try to incorporate video streaming apps. This app is capable of meeting the requirements of the target audience. Businesses and organizations get a chance to interact with their users on their preferred channels by entering the live-streaming market. All that is required at your end is to look for a perfect mobile app development company that has good experience in providing the best video streaming solutions. The developers associated with the company will make you enter the world of live streaming and allow you to produce an extraordinary video app that will set you apart from all the other competitors in the market. So, just don’t give it a second thought, rather start your journey toward video streaming right away. 

Prince Pathak

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