ICO Guide: The What to Why for Investment

ICO Guide: The What to Why for Investment

Referred to as Initial Coin Offering, ICO in the cryptocurrency industry acts as a medium of raising funds for the company that needs to collect money to create a new coin, app, or service. Each ICO depicts its own exclusive project-specific crypto-token, commonly known as an “ICO coin or cryptocurrency,” which is made available for public purchase at the beginning of an ICO. When buying an ICO coin, an individual practically invests in the project. The basic idea of an ICO is to collect as much capital as possible by allocating the tokens over a variety of investors through blockchain technology.

ICOs are similar to yet different from crowdfunding as they do have several features varying from traditional crowdfunding platforms. For example, the ICO coins an individual acquires is profitable as it appreciates in value, which is indeed the basic motive for purchasing them. Apart from this ICOs have been remarkably successful as they have raised billions of US dollars in capital.

Why invest in ICO → 

While an IPO provides investors with shares of stock in the company in return for their investment, ICO on the other hand provides cryptocurrency token from the company. Also, there are high chances for the value of the newly purchased crypto tokens to climb above the initially set price. If the ICO campaign runs successfully it may give an amazing ROI to the Investors.

Investment in marketing; a step to its success → 

Launching an ICO is easy but making it successful is what actually matters the most. An ICO requires a sturdy digital marketing strategy to reach out to its potential customers. 

In recent times, competition in every business field is crossing its peak day after another. We can’t contain the competition but can sustain ourselves in it by being ahead of the best way for which is Digital Marketing.

Yes..!! Marketing today is the key feature of the business world without which, progressing the business is not possible In today’s online world. Digital marketing is the best and easiest way to connect with your potential customers and present them your brand.

As far as ICO is concerned, digital marketing will help you with that as well by advertising among diverse audiences globally and gaining potential investors for your ICO. Below mentioned are the major reasons to invest in for Marketing your ICO,

  1. It helps you to stand out in the ICO marketplace.
  2. Attracts potential investors towards your ICO.
  3. Helps the investors in building trust for your ICO. 
  4. Develop and maintain the reputation of your ICO.
  5. Makes your ICO renowned among the audience.
  6. Helps to smartly raise capital for your ICO. 


Purchasing and protecting digital assets → 

  1. Purchasing Bitcoin or Ether is the first step to buy ICO coins. Though future ICOs are expected to accept the traditional currency, exchanging these popular digital currencies for ICO coins is the typical procedure for now. Ethereum is the most commonly accepted cryptocurrency by ICO because most of them run on Ethereum platform.

  2. To participate in an ICO of your choice, the investment is done by sending the cryptographic information of your digital currency to the address posted by the ICO. The ICO holders publicize the amount of capital earned by them on their website which they receive in the form of BTC or ETH at the given address.

  3. Address authorization is an essential part of investing in ICO as hackers can get by the ICOs by sharing false addresses. As a part of the investing process, It is also possible to automate your ICO investment with a smart contract. Automating your investments can be a wise decision as ICOs can set off swiftly, and generate huge amounts of capital in a short span of time.

  4. The next step is to ensure the storage of your digital currency assets in a wallet that is completely owned and controlled by you. Various renowned digital currency wallets such as the Coinbase wallet restrict the users from having private keys. Such wallets may cause your ICO tokens to flow into the entire Coinbase system contrary to your personal storage. While storing these digital assets, it is important to keep your key information secured, as it provides you access to your ICO coins after your purchase. The loss of key information means the loss of your invested money. On a brighter side, ICO service providers can provide key loss prevention tools. After the purchase, it is also advisable to offline wallet storage as it is one of the most efficient ways to protect ICO coins and other digital assets.

Looking at the constant rise in the trend of ICO various organizations have marked that it is the best way to raise capital or drive investment opportunities. Therefore realizing your investment opportunities Irrespective of your business nature, W3villa being an ICO Development Company implements most efficient methods and techniques to turn your business plan into reality. Our Cryptocurrency experts work round the clock for the best results to benefit your company. 

By creating their tokens, companies enable a wide population to be a part of the investment opportunity, contrary to the traditional stocks, which are only available to a few. With ICO for digital assets, the future of finance proceeds towards including more ways for storing, sending, lending, and investing money

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