Increase Sales With Hollander Powerlink - All You Need To Know!

Increase Sales With Hollander Powerlink - All You Need To Know!

How can Powerlink make online selling more efficient?

Powerlink is a product by Hollander, providing its services for yard management, e-commerce solutions, sales & inventory tools and data management. 

Powerlink is a software system for the automation industry, that can help achieve growth in your business, earn more profits and modernize your business.   

According to, “The worldwide market for Automotive Parts and Components is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 3.5% over the next five years”, this means there will be more demand, resulting in more business. But the question arises whether your business is capable of meeting these end-means, both efficiently & effectively. With the rise in the competition, you need to stay ahead by reaching your potential customers wherever they are.

The need for Powerlink:

  • Sell your auto parts to new channels of demand/marketplace that include millions of consumers like eBay motors. Establish your business in high-volume markets and sell parts profitably.
  • A mobile-friendly online presence - that’s needed considering that’s one-way consumers try to reach instantly for every need. Be ahead of the curve and convert sales.
  • Improve inventory management - check the availability of the product requested by the client in real-time, improve search function, checkouts purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Improve customer management - order confirmation, keep control over shipping efficiently, deliver on time,  manage orders as per the needs, allow better filtration, etc.
  • Electronic Data Exchange Network (EDEN) - show multiple images of the automation parts on the EDEN trading network allowing your buyers to see the parts more closely with ease. Also, with the EDEN facility, you only need to update the images once and the same gets updated at every network you are selling, this saves a lot of time and money.
  • Customize your store, broaden your horizon and make your auto parts accessible, promote your brand with ease. 
  • Hollander Backup provides an additional fail-safe cloud backup layer for your Powerlink data, hence, making it easier for you to restore your data in case of system failure.

Read the blog Powerlink - Power To Automation Industry for more!

As an eCommerce business, it’s mandatory that you keep yourself updated with the availability instantly when you are managing big numbers both in products and sales. Powerlink is a serious business, and an expert is needed to install the same as per your business needs. 

Manage demand and sales intelligently to deliver on time. 

What can we do for you?

  • We can create the right desktop app for you, aligned/integrated with Powerlink to manage the system.
  • Make it easy to list the products you want to sell and market them.
  • A storefront that can allow your consumers to buy your products online
  • Assist you through the entire procedure.
  • A dashboard to keep track of all the operations through WebApp.
  • An inventory system
  • Customize the store entirely based on your business needs.
  • We can also help you to extend it as a multi-vendor platform where a buyer can buy the product after comparing the prices and features from various vendors/sellers.
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