Powerlink - Power To Automation Industry

A Microsoft Windows-based application, Powerlink can help you manage your inventory database to correspond to customers’ requirements more efficiently. Designed for the automation industry to control & manage every operation and to provide standard conformity, a mechanism to achieve real-time price, demand & supply updates of industrial automation parts from vendors.

What needs to be done?

Build an app that will do the following mentioned below to increase productivity and sales:

  1. To ensure quicker sales - the tool will be able to match the price and product details with the ones available; so that the products can be shipped at the earliest possible. 
  2. Electronic Data Exchange Network (EDEN) - The important part, show multiple images of the automation parts on EDEN trading network and attract your potential buyers by letting them see the parts more closely with ease and without having them to come and check them physically.
  3. Quick Delivery Service - Synonym for ‘great customer satisfaction’; monitor your production cycle and every order, with the possibility of matching the order with the inventory, you can arrange for a short delivery time.
  4. Get better advice over negotiations with automated sales screen, check customers’ status and sales, automated pricing to suggest better price and monitor supply and demand.
  5. Create multiple vendors’ login and maintain a large database of automation parts.
  6. Track products that bring in more sales & profits also, figure out your best target customers.
  7. Easy to use interface for simple and multiple searches, quick order processing, provide warranties, effortlessly update inventory system.
  8. Administer multiple locations through the single yard management system.
  9. Save time while relocating or repricing the parts in bulk.

The automation industry is wide and caters to multiple needs at a time, with a simple yet powerful tool like above, it becomes easy to regulate the entire process at various levels, to deliver and receive nothing but the best.

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