Python's success: Assisting AI & Machine Learning

Python's success: Assisting AI & Machine Learning

Being a high-level, general-purpose programming language released in 1991, Python has dynamic semantics. Python’s dynamic typing and binding in addition to high-level built-in data structure make it an attractive element for Rapid Application Development. Ranking amongst the topmost frameworks, Python has established and maintained its goodwill well enough, even in reference to AI and machine learning.
As we are aware that Machine learning and AI-based projects are the future of technology therefore this future requires a programming language that is stable, flexible, and has enough at hand tools. Python provides all of these, which is why we see numerous Python based AI projects today. 

You might now think- Why should you Consider using Python for AI and machine learning? 
Well, here on we shall be discussing the reasons to choose Python over any other programming language for machine learning and AI. 

Python’s standouts, Making it best programming language for AI & Machine learning → 

At every stage, varying from development to deployment, Python assists developers' creation by assisting them in being productive and confident about it. 
Further, we will know about numerous benefits that make python perfect for AI & Machine Learning:-

Effortlessly Persistent → 

With complex algorithms backing Machine Learning and AI, Python provides simplicity in writing reliable systems and concise codes at the same time. It shifts developers' efforts completely into Machine learning-related problems rather than technical glitches of the language. 
In addition, Python’s ease of learning makes it easier to understand and create models of machine learning. 
Also, we can agree upon the fact that Python is perfect for collective usage when multiple developers are involved.
Being a general-purpose language, Python can perform various complex machine learning tasks that assist developers in creating prototypes quickly that enables product testing for machine learning. 

Wide range of libraries and frameworks → 

Removing the tricky implementations of AI and Machine Learning, Python’s numerous libraries and frameworks enable the developers to reduce development time. Being abundant technology stack, Python brings along a wide set of libraries for AI and Machine Learning, some of which are:-

  • Keras, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn for machine learning
  • NumPy for cutting edge scientific computing and data analysis
  • SciPy for advanced computing
  • Pandas for general-purpose data analysis
  • Seaborn for data visualization

We also have here a few common AI use cases and technologies of Python that are best suitable for the purpose:-

  • NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Seaborn for Data analysis and visualization
  • TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-learn for Machine learning
  • OpenCV for Computer vision
  • NLTK, spaCy for Natural language processing

These Python solutions enable the development team to use an existing library for faster development of the product.

Independent Platform 

Independent platform indicates a programming language or framework that enables the developers to apply things on one machine and use it on another with negligible changes. 
Independent platform is a key point of python development. Being supported by numerous platforms including Linux, Windows, and macOS, Python is easily distributable and can be used on its supported platforms without a python interpreter. 

Substantial popularity and community support → 

Python is one of the most popular programming languages which makes it easier to find a development company with the required skill set to develop your AI-based projects from scratch. Being extensively used for web development there are 14,000 custom built Python software packages in the online stockroom. Various Scientific Python packages such as Numpy, Scipy, and Matplotlib assist developers in machine learning and identifying patterns among the huge data sets. Python’s popularity can easily be detected by seeing Google using it for crawling web pages, Pixar using it for producing movies, and Spotify using it for recommending songs. 

With a huge AI community and an active exchange of experience related to machine learning solutions across the globe, Python’s community provides guidance to developers at any point. Being a part of the same active community, that provides expert Python Developers, W3villa provides Python developers who analyze your needs and assist you in designing, developing, implementing & debugging your projects. Other than being a Python development services company, W3villa has quality assurance engineers who test your websites and software regularly to provide you with zero error products.  

In the current tech world, AI and Machine Learning facilitate Spam filters, recommendation systems, search engines, personal assistants, and fraud detection systems, and numerous add-ons are expected to arrive soon. Therefore Python, being well suited for AI and Machine learning comes up with algorithms that process information intelligently, making the software act like a human.

Read Python Developers Blogs Here.

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