Top reasons why Cloud Computing is the future

Top reasons why Cloud Computing is the future

The latest technical trend in the IT industry is cloud computing which has become a necessity for every business. When it comes to the delivery of computing services, organizations are feeling the need for cloud computing. The advancements in artificial intelligence are pushing cloud computing in the IT industry, making its future very bright. Offering computing services such as databases, software, networking, servers, analytics and other services over the cloud (internet) is an ideal solution to provide quick, flexible, and the best resources. To scale your business, you will feel the need of cloud computing services, as these services help to run the infrastructure in an efficient way. 

Cloud computing types

All the clouds differ, and different models are used to provide the best and correct solution. It is important to decide upon the architecture on which the cloud services will be implemented, as you have a choice of three different ways: private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Private cloud allows you to maintain the services along with the infrastructure on a private network and it is used only by individual business/organization. Public cloud refers to the third party cloud service providers capable of delivering all the computing services over the internet. Microsoft Azure is a good example of public cloud. Public cloud allows the cloud provider to own and manage the infrastructure. By using a web browser, you can use the services and manage the account as well. Hybrid cloud, as the name suggests is a combination of both private and public cloud to provide a better flexibility to your business.

Cloud services are divided into 4 major categories- Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), serverless, software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). 

Top benefits marking the future of cloud computing

Whether it is a startup organization, global organization or a government organization, cloud computing is becoming an integral part of every business organization. The reasons that need to be highlighted for this shift in the technology used to run successful businesses include- speed, productivity, reliability, performance, global scale, cost and security. These are the key factors that are pushing the organizations to switch to cloud computing services.

Also, a cloud provider can provide different cloud services to run a successful business like- analyzing of data, creating cloud native applications, testing and building applications, using artificial intelligence, delivering software if required, streaming audio-video and storing as well as recovering data. You can easily access data while being anywhere with the help of any device. Cloud computing assures you centralized data security with good performance and availability. Getting rid of all hardware and software is now possible, as cloud computing can manage everything. For smooth business continuity, cloud computing provides quick application deployment and business insights. It is worth mentioning that cloud computing also supports virtualized computing.

Reasons why cloud computing is the future

After having a general knowledge of cloud computing, it is important to understand it in detail and how it is destined to be the future. Some of the reasons that lead cloud computing to be the future include-

Cost saving- With the increase in the number of technologies every organization wants the best yet economical technology for their business. Cloud computing is advantageous in managing costs as it can save money on different services such as storage, servers, and management. Moving services to the cloud requires fewer resources while providing excellent services.

All time and anywhere presence- The best thing about cloud computing is that it allows you to access your information while being anywhere and anytime. You can access the information 24*7 provided you have an internet connection. 

Enhances speed- The basic requirement of every organization is for it to give a quick response, for which traditional IT services are not so efficient. Cloud computing can overcome this problem, as it can make resources available in less time while speeding up the response time. The speedy response of the cloud makes it an ideal choice in the current technology market.

Reliability- Every organization wants assured security of their data, which they can expect from the cloud. Additionally, the cloud can easily manage high levels of load.

Innovative- Innovation is the requirement to sustain in competition and cloud has the ability to provide the new concepts. It can easily experiment and implement new concepts which are not possible with traditional IT services. Cloud also supports automation services that leads to innovation. Continuous and timely feedback helps in regular updating to meet the latest market trends.

Flexible- The business demands can change from time to time, as every business looks for expansion. In the case of traditional IT services, it is not an easy job to scale up or scale down the services. Cloud makes scalability possible, as it can quickly and easily scale up and scale down to meet the business requirement. 

Focuses on performance- Time to time upgradation is the requirement of the future for better performance, and cloud computing can provide this. Cloud can support automation service and allow you to modify data on storage devices while being anywhere across the globe provided you have an internet connection. These features offered by cloud support better performance.

Quickly fixes the infrastructure- The traditional IT services could not provide quick fixes to infrastructure problems. If infrastructure failed, the applications went down and stayed down until they were fixed, but cloud technology makes it possible to quickly fix the infrastructure and restart the application.

Demand of the workforce- Cloud is the latest demand of the workforce at any technical organization. No one wants to set limitations to their career rather everyone wants to explore the best and cloud is for better growth. Professionals want to learn the cloud computing skills to make the best use of this technology for business growth. 

Final Say!

Technology keeps changing and adapting to the new technologies that mark the future. Cloud computing has several advantages that makes it a potent technology to meet the demands of the IT organizations. Other business sectors like healthcare and financial sectors are also using cloud to provide the best services. Healthcare sector is using the cloud to provide personalized treatment to patients while the financial sector is making use of this technology to detect fraud cases and prevent the same. Further delay in opting for cloud services is simply delaying your business growth. Go for the best cloud computing services to meet the demands and requirements of your business. You must utilize the maximum benefits of the cloud for a bright future.

Amrendra Pratap Singh

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