Artificial Intelligence and Its Role In The Metaverse Growth

Artificial Intelligence and Its Role In The Metaverse Growth

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology that is slowly and steadily becoming an integral part of different industries. At the same time, this technology is also helping in the development and growth of Metaverse. It is important to understand Metaverse here and how it is helping society to give a perfect digital world experience. Metaverse is a combination of different technologies like blockchain, the internet, AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality). The digital world is attracting users and to provide the best user experience Metaverse is allowing users to interact in real-time while creating and customizing avatars. Also, the users can enroll themselves in different activities like shopping, gaming, and socializing.

AI plays a vital role in the Metaverse

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in the metaverse, as it helps in making better decisions while automating procedures. Different industries are making use of AI technology in the metaverse for the best results. For instance, AI makes the Metaverse more successful due to its speed and user-oriented results. AI utilizes the different technologies in the Metaverse to update ledgers quickly, creating a decentralized financial platform. AI is trying to help every sector, be it health, automotive, education, travel, or any other industry. Different kinds of AI are being used depending on the requirement in the growth of Metaverse like Super AI, Theory of Mind AI, Narrow AI, Reactive Machines, General AI, and others.

AI and Metaverse go Hand in Hand

Yes! It can be said that AI and Metaverse work like a perfect pair for better results. To provide the best user experience, AI is being implemented in the Metaverse, as this helps in creating a perfect virtual world to meet the requirements and expectations of the users. Right from providing high speed to creating chatbots, digital avatars and supporting different industries, AI is helping Metaverse in a great way.

Statistics of AI and Metaverse

It has been predicted that in the future, by the year 2030, the market of Metaverse shall touch over 750 billion dollars with a CAGR of 13.10%. AI is now a part of several businesses, as it is being used for some or the other function and it is slowly being expanded to the Metaverse to provide a better interaction of the users in the virtual world. 

AI’s Role in the Metaverse

We have been talking about AI playing an important role in the Metaverse. Let’s quickly go through how AI is helping to create and manage the Metaverse.

Immersive virtual creation- To give a real feel and look with lights, sound, and other effects, AI is being used, as it helps in creating a better virtual immersion. AI algorithms are capable of giving a real look to the virtual environment, as they can simulate fire, water, and other natural elements.

Creating content- Content can be created by AI for the Metaverse. 3D models, animation effects, and textures can all be done by AI-powered tools. The process of creating and designing the virtual environment can be done by AI technology, reducing the time and cost of generating content.

Personalized experience- User data can easily and quickly be analyzed by AI algorithms, as this helps in the creation of personalized experiences for every user. AI algorithms can understand the preferences of the users and suggest relevant options. 

Translating languages- Real-time languages used in the Metaverse can be translated by AI, which is one of the biggest advantages of AI in the Metaverse. This helps people from across the globe to communicate in the languages they understand, greatly improving virtual community communication worldwide.

Digital bodies- To create and manage different digital bodies like chatbots, NPCs, and virtual assistants, AI is being used in the Metaverse. These digital bodies are capable of understanding user behavior and providing them with the best options according to their requirements. 

Security- There are so many threats such as fraud, theft, cyberattacks, and identity theft that the Metaverse experiences. AI plays a perfect role as a detector, as it can easily catch fraud and theft cases, strengthening the security of individuals by removing the threat to their identity.

Create Better NPCs- NPC here stands for Non-Player Characters that are controlled by AI. To make the virtual environment more realistic, AI algorithms can help NPCs to understand different languages and respond quickly.

Obstacles Faced by AI in the Metaverse

Till now we have been talking about the positive impact of AI in the Metaverse and now it is time to know about the challenges faced by AI in the Metaverse.

  • AI can handle large amounts of data that can sometimes lead to fake news and alerts.
  • Sometimes AI fails to explain the deep learning process and therefore it cannot explain the reasoning behind making a particular decision. 
  • AI in the Metaverse can give a bossy approach, as you are left with the only option of following the algorithm. 
  •  AI in the Metaverse can give a feeling of bias, as algorithms follow their procedures.
  • At times, privacy can be an issue, as one has to share their personal information with the computer algorithm.

Final Say!

AI is doing wonders in different industries and it is also pushing the Metaverse growth to create a world beyond the cosmos. A new world is getting created that is beyond the expectations of an ordinary man, as AI is now capable of understanding the user which is helping it to change the virtual world. This is further helping in better and more interactive communication that is quick and instant. AI is a powerful technology that is positively supporting the Metaverse, with its automation, decision-making, data handling, maintaining privacy, and other procedures. The only aim of AI in the Metaverse is to provide the best user experience, for which it makes use of optimized operations.

Amrendra Pratap Singh

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