RoR Based Top 5 Most Successful Business Applications

RoR Based Top 5 Most Successful Business Applications

An impressive genre of applications has been created around us by Ruby on Rails and we may not even realize it. As far as building MVPs (minimum viable product) are concerned, RoR still remains the ace among other frameworks. Web apps dominate the internet and hold a greater advantage that enables a smooth process for anyone who uses them. 

RoR’s best feature:

  • Launch pages faster
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Faster & Safer App
  • Easily update your app with the latest functionality
  • MVC based navigations

RoR application development services have always proven beneficial due to factors like, firstly, its time-efficient; as it's built-in plugins and modules makes the process of developing an application faster. Secondly, ruby on rails provides the best quality and offers a bug-free environment. Its testing includes mocking, test benchmarking, and syntax. It supports both behavior-driven development and test-driven development. Thirdly, it's scalable and secure giving a trustworthy aura to not only ruby on rails developers but to the clients as well. Due to its tracking and monitoring, it gives an all-rounder performance. 

But the world may know this by a different face- through apps we use day in and day out. Here’s an evident display of ruby on rails development.

1. Fiverr

A pool of creative freelancers from various fields like graphic designing, digital marketing, writing, programming, researchers, etc. 

2. Shopify

Thousands of businesses have created an online presence and are selling goods through this e-commerce platform. It offers everything from website hosting, payment integration, content management system to a store with plugins and extensions, and so much more.

3. Airbnb

Millions of users are already renting & enjoying amazing rooms, hotels, and exotic locations. 

4. Pixlr

Now, who doesn’t know about it? Our day to day cloud-based Photoshop-like application photo editing tool.

5. Basecamp

A business management tool designed to manage projects, clients, databases, etc., in one place. 

These are just five we have listed but there are hundreds of applications that have been created with ruby on rails. We are always looking for ways that are unique, attractive and accessible solutions. RoR works best with other frameworks as well, thus showing its flexibility. 

At W3villa Technologies, we have a proficient team for ruby on rails development services. We have a proven track of implementing out-of-the-box applications with the RoR framework which are reliable and scalable solutions.

W3villa Technologies

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