Top 5 popular Node.js frameworks in 2021

Top 5 popular Node.js frameworks in 2021

So, you are looking to develop feature-rich applications, right?

Well, that’s the reason, you’re here, looking to know the 5 popular Node js frameworks in 2021! 

Though the market is flooded with numerous solutions, Node.js is something that is gaining significant traction in recent years. 

Node.js development provides solid features for developing and sustaining applications, especially when considering long-term support, thanks to its asynchronous event-driven nature and ability to give a single codebase for overall web application performance.

Its open-source nature allows it to provide a seamless platform for integrating the greatest Node.js libraries and tools, allowing developers to execute apps across many operating systems with ease.

Important Facts and Statistics You Must Know About 

Here are the important facts and statistics you must know about;

  • Node.js is the backend framework used by LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, eBay, and PayPal. 
  • This framework is used by over 40% of Node.js developers to create enterprise applications.
  • After switching to Node, Paypal saw a surprising 35 percent dip in average response time.
  1. Express.JS

 Frameworks to Develop Your Web Applications

Here are the popular Node.js frameworks to develop your web application: 

1. The tool, sometimes known as Simply Express, is quite popular among backend web development platforms. It is open-source and licensed under the MIT licensing Framework. At least 20 million websites make use of Node.js.


  • It comes with a model view controller functionality that aids in the creation of unique apps.
  • It functions similarly to a routing table or a collection of routing libraries.
  • It has more than 14 engine templates, HTTP methods, and synchronization for better performance.
  • It enables the injection of heavy load packages, which aid in the framework's feature expansion.

When to use it?

Since the Framework provides ready-to-use API connectivity, you may consider constructing web apps faster using it. The framework is ideal for enterprise-grade or browser-based Apps as it is infused with robust routing security features alongside the error handling options.


It is one of the Node.js development frameworks for developing real-time computing applications. This framework is well-known among developers because it ensures accuracy while also speeding up the process. also features a straightforward API that integrates seamlessly with any service.


  • High-speed support is provided through real-time analytics.
  • The web's resilience and the app development process it provides set it apart.
  • The integration of the chat app proves to be a huge issue, but developers can easily overcome these obstacles by utilizing this technology.
  • It keeps track of changes as well as new features.
  • The auto-identification and correction of faults become easy.

When to use it?

The use of in the construction of real-time applications such as chat room applications, multiplayer games, video conferencing, and related others yields positive results. Furthermore, by choosing the best Node.js development service, you can create applications that require WebSocket development.

  1. Meteor.js

The framework uses only one language and is completely specific to JavaScript. It functions as an open-source database to a Framework capable of automating modifications to the client without the need for developer intervention. Meteor has 65,656 customers today, and 29,979 live websites are still using it because of its simplicity. Furthermore, it is compatible with the Android-based form of the device operating system.


  • You will not have to renovate mobile applications if you use this framework.
  • The architecture of Js is quite light. This reduces the number of lines of code.
  • It enables seamless integration with Mango, Reacts, and Vue, among other frameworks.

When to use it?

The Framework may provide you with the same code that you would use for a web app when developing a mobile app. It's now easy to get live updates on installed apps without interrupting the user's current session.

  1. Total.js

In the Node.js context, the Framework that provides a CMS-like experience is sufficient. Furthermore, the Framework is available in a variety of variants, including CMS, HelpDesk, and Eshop. Get a head start on IoT, REST services, and ultrafast application development in the future. With the best Node.js development service, you can obtain everything you need at a cheap cost of maintenance.


  • With API testing, you can receive real-time tracking.
  • The ability to connect to several databases adds to the flexibility.
  • It's even better when it's integrated with front-end frameworks.
  • The auto-discovery project feature provides developers with quick support.

When should you utilize it?

In the internet of things, the widely used Node.js framework for customized development visual programming interfaces works better. Cloud service web creation and real-time collaboration, among other things, become easier.

  1. Feather.js

For backend development, the popular JavaScript Framework assures compatibility with Node.js and React native. Multiple databases, Node.js, and the microservices Framework are all supported. The developers benefit greatly from the real-time functionality. Furthermore, it can make it easier to fix errors quickly in mobile and web app development. Nonetheless, the developers use it regularly to decode the software clearly and understandably.


  • It has an automatic RESTful API that provides excellent support.
  • The default authentication and authorization plugins provide developers with the necessary guidance.

When to use it?

Feather.js is a perfect tool for the Node.js environment because it supports front-end technologies and is database agnostic. The Framework supports both JavaScript and Typescript. It can, however, deliver REST APIs that are suitable for production, real-time APIs, and more.

Final Thoughts

Node.js frameworks make it very easy to construct full-stack applications due to their extensive features. It features a thriving community of full-stack Node.js developers that are continually working on new and improved frameworks.

With the right Node.js development services, you will be able to build highly intuitive, robust, and scalable app solutions that cater to your needs and budget. 

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