Why These Web Development Technologies and Trends will Rule in 2020

Why These Web Development Technologies and Trends will Rule in 2020

As a web developer or technology enthusiast, you must be aware that this domain is ever-evolving. Being up to date with the emerging technologies and trends is a must, to keep an upper hand in the game. Here's a list of 5 web development and technologies that'll grow big and dominate most of 2020 and in the coming years.

1.AI (Artificial Intelligence): This technology has been the talk of the town in 2019 and is starting to gain momentum in various forms and domains. According to Gartner's forecast, AI is expected to reach $3.9 Trillion by 2022. Many businesses and organizations are finding ways to incorporate AI in their process to make operations smoother. 

Did you ever get a personalized shopping recommendation? OR what next music track you should listen to. Well, that's the AI at work. It understands the behavioral pattern of the user and accordingly tailors the experience catered.

The potential of AI is now being recognized by the industries and inclining towards the use of the same.

AI and its advantages for business

*Image Source: Capgemini

The above survey was carried out by Capgemini and states the advantages that AI has imparted to businesses.

2.Internet Of Things (IoT): The Internet has become an essential part of everyone's life and the same applies to businesses as well. Major business organizations, service providers can't survive without it. IoT is the new technological concept which leverages any device that is connected to the internet to provide you the service in some form. 

For example, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Just by your voice, you can command them to an array of stuff like playing your favorite track, placing orders on eCommerce sites, make to-do lists, reminders, provide general information and much more. Uber, is another application wherein with the help of a voice assistant you can book a cab and confirm the completion of the same.

At present, there aren't many websites and applications supporting IoT, but the concept is garnering a lot of attention so much that Gartner reports it has attracted around $6 trillion of investing and a number of IoT devices to touch around 30 Billion by 2020 and set to further increase to approx 75.44 billion devices by  2025 according to Statista.

The survey carried out by statista.com also shows a sharp increase in the number of devices on-boarding the IoT platform. Good opportunity for businesses to tap into this technology.

IOT device on board till date

*Image Source: Statista

3.ChatBots: These conversational bots have been used on websites and applications to serve as a primary touchpoint for customer service. Over time these bots have evolved with the help of AI and Machine learning making them speak/converse like an actual human being. As these bots help in automating processes in the marketing domain, it has been gaining traction and in 2020 it is expected to grow at a faster pace. Such automation has helped businesses to transform the way the customer engage and interact with their brand. 

This evolution in technology has led to creating a multi-channel digital interaction using all touchpoints. These ensure there's consistency between your voice, chat, or any other form of communication digitally imparting a sense of trust to the user.

4.Single Page Application (SPA): This type of web development involves users interacting with the website using only a single page. It's done via rewriting the content on the current page instead of loading an entire page from the server. 


Since it requires to load or update certain elements instead of the entire page, making content reloading faster and faster load times leads to more interaction. Also, the added advantage here is the ability to adapt to any device.

Example: Google Maps, Twitter, Gmail.

5.Progressive Web Applications (PWA): Progressive Web Applications are the applications that provide app-like experience to the user without having to download the actual app. Developers take full advantage of modern web technology to provide such experience to the user right in their phone's browser and even on a laptop or a desktop. Advantages of this type of development are : 

  • Ability to work offline.
  • Syncing with IoT Device.
  • Space-saving as no there's no need of downloading the actual app.

An example of this type of development is Starbucks. The company has a PWA ordering similar to their mobile applications. Such application development has been gaining popularity since there's no hassle of downloading the actual app, saves space on mobile devices and provides ease of use, identical to its mobile application.

With different technologies and development trends coming up 2020 looks exciting and presents a different set of challenges and opportunities for organizations as well as for techies too.

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