10 Mobile App Development Services to Attract More Sales

10 Mobile App Development Services to Attract More Sales

Millions of users are already dwelling on mobile apps on a daily basis. The market has and is shifting to the digitized world and connected on a worldwide basis through app technology. It's not just about ordering food or clothes anymore, the shift has included bank transactions, travel bookings, playing games, education etcetera. The apps are not just for fun but they have proven to be a platform for serious business and all big brands have taken advantage of these apps to increase their profit ratio with an upscale in their sales performance. Thus, more and more mobile application development services are rising in demand.

With this rise comes in the mobile application development companies and app developers to the rescue. One such mobile application development company is W3villa technologies, experienced in Cross-platform mobile application development with the ionic framework 1/2/3/4, Angular 4/5/6/7, TypeScript, Cordova, html5, CSS3, and firebase/MongoDB/Mysql.

10 services they offer: 

  1. High-quality and comprehensive mobile consulting services.
  2. Create highly innovative mobile applications within the client’s budget.
  3. Great expertise in developing mobile platforms like Android, Symbian, iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, & Windows.
  4. Complete interaction process.
  5. Intelligent and smarter app features.
  6. Multi-feature mobile user interface design.
  7. Exceptional mobile application development solutions to suit any business needs.
  8. Hire Android consultant, iPhone / iPad and Hire mobile app developers on a weekly/ monthly & yearly basis.
  9. Sound methodologies
  10. Quick help & support.

Bonus Services:

  1. Application migration.
  2. Enterprise application integration.
  3. EDI/B2B services.
  4. Application assessment.
  5. Custom application consulting.
  6. Legacy application modernization.
  7. Mobile application consulting.
  8. Web/portal/content management systems consulting.

So, how can these services help you create more sales?

We understand that any brands need a platform that not only sells their product but also should be able to engage the customers. The sales are dependent on how a consumer responds to the app design and its features. A complex design can discourage the audience to tap into the app. We can help you target your audience by understanding the behavior of the consumer. We are here to offer complete technical support to ensure that your mobile app stands out. 

We understand this because:

  1. Mobile applications rules on overall digital time and audiences in international markets, people spend more than 3 hours on mobile apps.
  2. The platform choices and demographic balances of individual content categories keeps us updated with the trend. About 30%-50% of consumers use apps for online shopping, playing games, social networking, and music. 
  3. According to Statista report, 2018 saw a download of 205 billion mobile apps globally and by 2022 this number will only increase to 258 billion downloads.
  4. This will only increase revenue, an estimated amount is 188$ billion by next year.
  5. The topmost categories in mobile applications are - games, business, education, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. Followed by travel, health & fitness and food & drink (Statista)

The coming dawn will bring more profitable opportunities; the apps will no longer be a trend but a necessity. The only wise thing to do is to be app ready for your potential present & future customers. 

If you have any requirement related to mobile application consulting or development, get in touch with us today!

W3villa Technologies

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