7 Tips to Improve Your Traffic on Your eCommerce Site

7 Tips to Improve Your Traffic on Your eCommerce Site

Many new buyers are looking for robust eCommerce development services to sell their products online. 

According to Statista, online sales are predicted to account for 22% of all retail sales worldwide by 2023. eCommerce is increasing, and India has begun to accept it as a key means of payment. eCommerce has gained new appeal in the country, particularly since the COVID-19 outbreak and national lockdown.

Getting enough website traffic to support a firm, on the other hand, is not a cakewalk. 

To keep people coming back to your website and to attract new users, you must constantly innovate and come up with new eCommerce development services and technology.

In this post, we’ll be discussing the 7 proven tips to improve your eCommerce store traffic. 

  1. Build with Spree: Using spree commerce to create an eCommerce store saves a lot of time and money. Spree developers, unlike Magento developers, must write almost a tenth of the code for development. More than 500 community contributors are constantly improving the spree commerce platform by adding features and extensions to improve the user experience.

Spree commerce development allows you to customise your online store's user experience by applying various customizations. Another prominent feature of the Spree Commerce platform is the ease with which payments may be integrated. More than 125 payment processors are available, including Paypal, Stripe, American Express Card, and many others.

  1. Invest in Social Media Advertising

One of the most classic and effective ways to increase traffic to your eCommerce website is through advertising. You can, however, limit your investment to social media advertising rather than investing in all forms of paid ads.

The reason for this is that social media advertising is very successful at targeting the proper demographic at a low cost. Social media algorithms have progressed to the point where each user can see highly tailored adverts.

  1. Prioritize Email Marketing 

One of the most personalised eCommerce development methods to communicate with your customers is through email marketing. Landing in the inbox of your customer offers a substantially higher conversion rate. Customers check their email inboxes on a frequent basis, so if you provide them information on their address, they will most likely check it out immediately.

You are not required to send them promotional emails on a regular basis. You can give them random information as well as personalised updates such as complementary products, new editions, and special deals.

  1. Create Short Social Videos

Video marketing is an excellent technique to attract potential clients' attention. In fact, 53% of consumers claim they've interacted with a company after watching one of their social media videos.

And, because you only have a few seconds to capture someone's attention on social media before they move on to the next post, short videos are the best option. 

  1. Write Blogs 

In addition to creating videos and considering spree commerce services, connecting with bloggers and the press by publishing blog entries is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

You can compose a blog article and send it to them via email or other social media site instead of providing free samples of your product.

Since you're looking for influencers anyway, you can include some Twitter accounts and build a list of the top 10 bloggers and influencers in your blog posts, which you can submit to them to publish. 

  1. Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Incentivizing your existing customers to engage as brand advocates is one of the most successful strategies to attract new consumers. It gives your claims more credibility and encourages more individuals to test out your products.

Nobody can persuade people to buy something more effectively than someone who has actually used it. As a result, you should devise a rewards programme that encourages your consumers to refer new customers. The more enticing your rewards are, the more consumers they will try to bring in.

  1. Increase Traffic with SEO

Backlinks are the most significant factor to consider when working with SEO material. The domain rank of your website is determined by the number of backlinks you use.

When consumers search for your store on Google using keywords, your domain rank determines where you appear.

Strong backlinks and keywords to support the search are required to generate visitors to your e-commerce site. Needless to say, solid coding techniques are required to ensure that your website is always functional.

Final Thoughts 

Increasing traffic is the first step toward increasing conversions. And if you want to take your game to the next level, you'll need to go beyond the basics. To attract more visits to your e-commerce store, you need to harness creative eCommerce development services.

Spree Commerce is a powerful platform for giving your consumers a world-class purchasing experience. It enhances your eCommerce skills by allowing you to create a highly customizable platform. 

Looking to increase traffic to your eCommerce site? if so, your search ends here! 

W3Villa is a leading tech-driven platform that efficiently utilizes a comprehensive suite of CMS like Spree commerce services and other marketing techniques that help drive significant traffic to your eCommerce site.

W3villa Technologies

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