A Comprehensive Guide To Create An Ecommerce App From Scratch

A Comprehensive Guide To Create An Ecommerce App From Scratch

With the rising technology it has been noticed that development of an eCommerce app for eCommerce stores/businesses is an effective way of boosting their business. An eCommerce app is a powerful software program that is efficient and can reach a wide range of users across the globe that too at an affordable cost. 

Why Use an E-commerce App?

The question that comes to mind is why there is a need to use an eCommerce app? Well! Ecommerce apps make it easy to connect with the customers. Companies can understand the choice and preferences of the customers via means of eCommerce modules like email marketing, tracking of order, recommended products and others. The app enhances the overall efficiency of the business functioning, as it can automate several tasks like processing of orders, managing inventory, shipping, billing and others. Customers can easily and quickly buy the products of their choice while being anywhere across the world via means of an eCommerce app. There is no more a need to hire developers and this allows the business owners to save their money. 

Types of Ecommerce Apps

Looking at the market trends and the requirement of different businesses there are three major types of eCommerce apps – 

Social media- Businesses that are looking for further expansion to reach a broader range of customers shall opt for this eCommerce app. This app allows the businesses to sell their products/services via means of social media platforms – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as the name suggests. 

Custom- This app is developed for smooth functioning of the business, as it covers different functions like processing of orders, management of inventory, shipping, pricing and delivery. 

Shopping cart- This application allows the businesses to set up an online store via means of a third party and it is beneficial for small scale business groups. There is no more a requirement to develop customized eCommerce apps.

You can decide for an eCommerce app that suits your business requirement, as it will help in smooth functioning of your business while enhancing the overall revenue.

How to Create an Effective Ecommerce App?

To create an effective eCommerce app, you must understand the requirement of your business, as there are several factors that need to be kept in mind like-

  • The areas that will be covered to reach the targeted audience
  • Understanding your target audience is very important
  • What are the products that will be sold
  • What all features will be included in the app 
  • The most important, your budget

Steps for Creating an Ecommerce App

To ensure that an effective eCommerce app is created you must follow these steps-

Understand the needs of customers- You need to clearly understand your customers and their needs. You can frame the best design and features in the app to make shopping experience easy, quick and enjoyable for the customers.

Designing- You need to focus on the wireframes after understanding your customers' needs, as this will help you to design your app in the best way.

Programming language- Once you are done with the designing part then you must look for an ideal programming language among the different languages available. 

Coding- It is now time for coding, as you are done with the designing and language part. API and backend are required for the smooth functioning of your app after connecting to the database of your company. 

Testing- Testing is an integral part of an app development, as it lets you know about the genuine reviews, ratings and feedback from the customers. This helps you to make changes for better working of the app.

Upgradation- Once your app is ready you need not think that your work is done, as technology needs to be updated from time to time. Your eCommerce app must be updated to meet the market trends and for better results.

Features that must be incorporated in an Ecommerce App

For smooth functioning of your business and to provide the best online shopping experience to the customers you must try to incorporate the following features in your eCommerce app-

Registration and login- Try to keep an easy and simple step registration and login process. Long login processes can frustrate the customers, as everyone wants quick registration. 

Customer management- To keep your business organized you must include customer management features in the app. Shoppers, managers, admins and others associated with your business are at one place to provide the best customer support. 

Inventory management- This feature in the app will allow your customers to keep a track of their product/service that they have purchased. Customers look for complete satisfaction and this feature provides the same.

Processing of orders- For quick and smooth business functioning this feature should be included in the app, as it helps to track and manage the products. Customers look forward to quick processing of their orders.

Shopping cart- Shopping cart feature available online gives a perfect feeling of shopping to the customers. This feature makes it easy for the customers to buy their products and add them to the shopping cart just the way they do it when they visit any store.

Shipping- This feature gives information about shipping rate and expected delivery date. Customers can decide further on purchasing a product after knowing these details.

Tracking-This is a beneficial feature for customers, as they can keep a track of their order from time to time. 

Analytics- This feature will let you know about the smooth functioning of your eCommerce app, as it lets you know about the performance of your business. You can make changes after analyzing, as analytics cover details about visitors, sales and much more.

Push notification- You can make use of this feature in the app to send constant reminders to the customers about the latest offers and products available. Customers can also grab the offers to buy the products of their choice at discounted rates.

Pop up notification- These notifications appear on the screen and can be customized to pull the attention of the customers. 

Social media integration- This allows you to share your products on social media platforms. Customers searching for specific products can see the relevant products via means of social media platforms and place orders.

One page checkout- To make it easy for the customers to quickly logout after online shopping you must add this feature. 

Cart abandonment- Customers usually add items to their cart but do not order them. Notifications can be sent so that the customers can proceed with the order.

Final Say!

Although developing an Ecommerce app is a time-taking process, executing it ensures positive results for your business. As Ecommerce apps become increasingly integral to various businesses, partnering with a reputable Ecommerce development company can further solidify a bright future for your app and your online business endeavors.

Prince Pathak

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