Headless Commerce with Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Headless Commerce with Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

To see a positive growth of your business store you must look for an ideal eCommerce platform. With the changing market trends, it has been noticed that headless commerce is the latest buzz in eCommerce. Yes! Headless architecture is capable of bringing about positive changes in site performance with the ability to bring about improvements. Also, it is worth mentioning that presently approximately 1.7M merchants are selling their products/services via means of Shopify platform. 

Headless Shopify store is the answer to the latest eCommerce trend, as it supports better speed of the site while providing more flexibility and customized freedom. If you are thinking of starting over your business right from scratch then you are mistaken, as you can easily switch to headless commerce with Shopify without any loss, as you will have all the Shopify features. The shifting from your present Shopify store to a headless architecture can be tried for better results.

Understanding Headless Shopify

The concept of headless Shopify is new but on the rise and so it is important to have a clear view of it. There is a separation in the front end and the back end. The front end here refers to the customer interface while the back end is the operational functions. It can be said that headless commerce decouples the experience of the front end from the back end. Both the parts are intertwined which makes the process of updating slow and complex. Also, Headless commerce is known by the name “API-first”, as the front and back end carry out communication via means of an API layer. Headless commerce creates a platform for brands where the developers are free to explore their creativity while using preferred technologies. Headless Shopify is good to opt for if you are willing to incorporate technologies like IoT, wearables and voice assistants, as it provides a flexible and adaptable interface. At the same time, you need to understand that implementation of headless architecture is not that easy and this is the reason why it is not the right option for every merchant.

Benefits of Headless Commerce

The major advantages of headless commerce that are encouraging businesses to opt for it are-

  • Control over creativity
  • Freedom and flexibility to the developer
  • Omnichannel selling
  • Innovation
  • Better site performance
  • Plug-and-play experience with third-party apps

Drawbacks of Headless Commerce

Like always we just cannot highlight the benefits of headless commerce with Shopify, as it is important to throw light on some of its disadvantages as well. Although there are several benefits of going headless there are a few weak points that you must know-

  • You may face a loss of access to some of the Shopify apps and themes, as headless restricts access to Shopify’s themes, add-ons and other apps.
  • You might not be able to download and install a specific theme.
  • Switching to headless architecture may lead to certain apps/features on Shopify being non-functional. 
  • Since you get the option to customize your store, you will have to replace certain features for which a lot of extra time and hard work will be required. 
  • You might find it difficult and complex to manage your store initially.

When to Switch Shopify Store to Headless?

The question that comes to your mind is when should you turn your Shopify store to Headless Commerce? Shopify is a user-friendly and quick setup with all the features that usually startups look for but as the business increases the platform starts struggling. The struggle starts with large content management and other challenges. This is the right time for you to think and consider Headless commerce that separates the front end from the back end. This helps to make the changes easily while providing the option for customization. The work of the marketing team and developer team is also segregated and this further helps the developers to focus on the overall functioning of the store.

Why Choose Headless Commerce with Shopify?

There are many reasons that justify the choice of headless commerce with Shopify like:

Less marketing time- Separating the front end from the back end is a time effort but gradually you realize that the marketing team enjoys making quick changes that help to maintain customer balance.

Better speed- Shopify has been a renowned eCommerce platform known exceptionally for its speed but several apps can lead to slow speed. Going Headless provides you with ultra-fast load time while making your store fast for better sales. 

Create customizable URLs- Going headless opens the option for customizing your URLs which otherwise cannot be done. Shopify is restricted with URL structure but Headless gives you an opportunity for the same. 

Integration with third-party- Having API in its center, headless commerce can easily be joined with any other platform. You can easily connect the tech stack to your store according to your requirements for the best results.

Better control- Headless architecture provides you a better control over your store by providing the best customization and personalization features. This helps you to make your brand one of a kind and stand out of the ordinary. 

Should you go for Headless Commerce?

Well! If you are satisfied with your business growth then you can stay with the traditional architecture. In case your requirement is for better customer experience, more flexibility, customization, unique features and overall growth of your business store as compared to the other competitors then you can switch to headless architecture.

Costing of Headless Commerce

If you have a restricted budget then you need to think, as going headless consumes a lot of money, time and effort. The cost may vary from project to project depending on the requirement. You can contact a genuine company that can provide you with a headless platform that too within your budget.

Let’s Conclude!

We can conclude by saying that Shopify is covering 80% of our needs which stands to be usual among all the merchants. It is for further improvement and uniqueness that Headless Commerce with Shopify comes into the picture to cover the next 20%. So, if you are ready to go for headless architecture then you must get in touch with a genuine Shopify development company that will help your store to go headless. To give a better look to your store you must proceed further with a positive approach and opt for the Shopify headless eCommerce store.

Prince Pathak

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