Chatbots,the brighter future for Digital Marketing

Chatbots,the brighter future for Digital Marketing

Aiming to help the potential clients, chatbot refers to a pop-up chat window that immediately shows up to offer help when you open a website. They are also one of the most hyped and latest marketing trends that can be implemented for any possible task. Chatbot marketing provides better customer service, drives sales and has also proved to be very effective. A chatbot is a computer program that is created to mimic human conversation and communicate in the form of text or speech. Chatbots are the bi-product of a combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that are emerging as one of the best mediums of digital marketing.

There are various types of Chatbots such as:

Menu Based Chatbots:

These are the button based chatbots which direct to display one after another menu on clicking a button to select an option.

Keyword-Based Chatbots:

These chatbots use keywords to analyze and solve queries. These are based on AI and the responses in them are preloaded. 

Natural Language Processing Chatbots: 

These are the most advanced chatbots implemented for marketing. These chatbots combine Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for a human conversation experience to deliver results efficiently. They are context as well as data-centric and understand even the misspelt queries.

Integrating Chatbots in Marketing → 

Being the easiest way to communicate with customers, chatbots have taken Marketing to a whole new level. Chatbots hold the capability to take the workloads off human shoulders and offer 24*7 assistance as they can easily be integrated with websites, apps, and messengers.

A chatbot’s Productivity and ability to raise curiosity among people is the reason why people are comfortable interacting with chatbots. Other major factors of chatbots’ success include the increasing popularity of chatting applications, Mobile Application as well as the use of AI and Machine Learning. 

Chatbots are the biggest trend today and have even taken over Facebook Messenger.
SO, here is how chatbots can ease, assist and boom the whole digital marketing process. 

    1. Available round the clock for seamless user experience
      With Chatbots available day and night to solve customer queries. waiting customers are now past day stories. With chatbots utilization in marketing, customers are now satisfied with prompt responses making communication hassle-free.
      Chatbots have got all those elements covered such as quick response, reduced customer waiting time and effective services which are necessary for making a website user friendly.
  1. Research and Data Collection  Chatbots are also used in eCommerce sites to customize and collect data, keep a track of customers’ purchasing patterns etc. The collected data can be later utilized to analyze customers’ purchasing patterns and generate quality leads to enhance sales.
  2. Post-sales customer engagement  The data collected by the chatbots is later utilized by the companies to send follow up messages. The collected data can also be used to provide the needed advertisement to the right customers. This is very bounteous for digital marketing.
  3. Lead Generation Chatbots are slowly becoming digital marketers’ favourite marketing element as they help drive businesses from worldwide. Chatbots help in lead generation by initiating a conversation and segregating users based on their interest.

Contrary to human representatives chatbots can do several tasks at the same time which serves as a powerful expression of the brand value. 

The constant growth of Digital Marketing and the combination of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has led to the use of chatbots which can be seen making the future of digital marketing brighter with their seamless user experience. E-Commerce sites these days have already integrated Chatbots in Marketing Strategies. Hence, we can conclude that Chatbots are here for the long run and contain the potential growth in the future of Digital Marketing.


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