Cyber Security: Every PHP Developer's Prerequisites

Cyber Security: Every PHP Developer's Prerequisites

Also known as a hypertext processor, PHP refers to an Open-Source, server-side scripting language. It is among the most extensively used languages for web development. Hovering over the web development stat, about 80% of all websites in 2020 were built using PHP. With increasing complexities of the websites, PHP comes into action providing an efficient web development experience. It is so because PHP serves systematic and reusable codes reducing the developer end load. So, without letting a moment in vain we will know more about PHP and reason for the implementation of its top frameworks.

Even after being one of the best programming languages, PHP faces the same security-related setbacks as every other technology. No website or web-based applications built using PHP are not safe from cybersecurity threats ranging from virus programs to ransomware. 

In Fact, even security isn’t easy at all. It requires a combination of easing the complexities, constant updating and patience to set it up. Due to the complexities in the security of the framework, the budding PHP developers make enormous mistakes and remain unaware of its outcome. Here we will discuss the important points which every PHP developer should keep a note to avoid any security breaches. 

Detailed knowledge of Admin Account → 

Every PHP developer is required to understand the critical nature of admin accounts as access to it is all that is needed by a hacker to hamper a website or to tweak it as per their wish. By providing admin access to limited people, a PHP developer, needs to ensure complete security of the admin account.

Ample training on cybersecurity → 

With hackers coming up with new ways to break into a system and stealing data, every PHP developer needs to be well trained on cybersecurity. While developing a website in PHP It is quite necessary for a developer to get an SSL certificate.

Learning password protection →

Passwords act as gatekeepers by letting only authorized users to gain access. Being a PHP developer one should pay strong attention to password security by allowing users to set strong passwords, and creating secure cyberculture.

Frequent update of PHP → 

PHP platform updates itself regularly just like any other tech. With 7.2.8 being the latest version of PHP, updating the platform regularly the first step towards securing your PHP-based website.

Various online tools that can help you know whether the version you are using is updated or not are:-

  • PHP 7 Compatibility Checker
  • PHP 7 Migration Assistant Report (MAR)
  • Phan

Circumventing Cross-site Scripting →

Cross-site scripting enables hackers to inject server-side scripts into the website’s code. The malicious codes injected by the hackers allows them to steal user information submitted by them on the website. There is a higher risk in websites like banking, account-based services and many more that require user credentials, account information, etc. which could also be of monetary value. The safest to prevent XSS is by using filters for user input. 

Protection against SQL injection Attacks →

SQL injection as the name suggests injects malicious SQL codes into a code deposit. This enables the hacker in creating a data-driven program to shut or work in the manner they wish to. To evade SQL attacks, statements should be prepared instead of dynamic SQL queries. 

Keeping the files away from the browser → 

PHP web applications contain numerous files stored on the backend required for its smooth running. Specific frameworks are created for storing these files, which if not properly selected or configured would let the hackers access the files. Therefore, making it a rule, never store such files in the root directory, but instead, keep them in a public folder where they are tough to access.

With the benefit of being a PHP developer comes a great responsibility to keep the data safe. Therefore the roots of security are laid during the development phase itself when security and access controls are easy to be configured.

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