How To Build Another CamScanner?

How To Build Another CamScanner?

With the ban on Chinese applications, entrepreneurs across the globe are now actively seeking out opportunities to build their own apps to fill the void that will be left by these apps. These applications had millions of users, hence, it gives us the opportunity to create better applications. Out of these was the CamScanner app that was highly used by major people across enterprises to scan documents. 

The purpose of this blog is to discuss how we can work towards creating an app like CamScanner. So, let’s understand what the application is all about and what measures can be taken to build the same.

An introduction to CamScanner

An app created by Intsig Information Co. Ltd. for both android and ios users to leverage this app for document and image scanning purposes. According to LiveMint, CamScanner was one of the first Chinese apps that gained popularity and were widely adopted among Indian users. The app has about 100 million users in India. 

What can it do for you

#1 Scan Documents

  • Scan documents in seconds (texts or graphics)
  • Scan multi-page documents
  • Create PDF files of scanned documents and customize PDF page size: (10-page size options for Letter, A4, B5 and etc.)
  • Batch scan documents
  • Auto-crop scanned photos
  • Several enhance modes available
  • Save scan results to system album

#2 Manage Documents

  • Add notes to the documents and add tags for easy search. Also, search the document by OCR search
  • Multiple viewing modes- list view & thumbnail view
  • Copy and move documents to other locations
  • Merge documents content
  • Set passwords for documents
  • Backup and restore documents to/from SD card

#3 Share Documents

  • Send PDF files via email
  • Fax scans via network
  • Print files wirelessly with Google Cloud Print
  • Upload files to cloud storages

How can you develop CamScanner like application

Conduct Market Research & Recognize Your Users

You need to conduct in-depth market research to fetch valuable insights to understand the current market scenario and competitors. This will help you to get a zest of strategies that you need to pull up. This also allows you to evaluate your target audience and their demand as well. It’s crucial to understand and build an app according to users’ demand for the success of an application. 

Choose the Right App Development Company

The development and execution of an app depend on an app development company, they have a significant role in making an application user-friendly, aesthetically and intuitive. They can guide you on what’s the right technology to choose that can help a scanning app to sustain longer in the market. They already have a proficient team of developer who has knowledge of developing such apps and can provide the best user experience. 

Build a Minimum Viable App

Testing an app before marketing is important. Minimum Viable App (MVP) is a version of the application that consists of all the crucial features. Does MVP answer all significant questions like what is the purpose of the app? What problems does it solve? What makes your app unique? What are the features of the app? etc. In a nutshell, an MVP is a deep introspection of your app.

Determine the Cost of the Application

There are multiple factors that contribute to the cost of developing an app. Certain factors that are the deciding factors in terms of functionalities & features. 

  • Decide if the users need to login to an app.
  • Does a scanning app need to create a personal profile within an app? 
  • Determining the right UI & UX 
  • The various stages that will be of an app development

Decide the Earning Factor & Marketing the App

Understand the ways you want to monetize your app whether you want to earn on pay per click or pay per view basis. Determine whether you need to charge according to the number of downloads or you need to integrate in-app purchase strategy. Set your foot with the right app store, ensure that you have performed A/B testing for efficient conversions. SEO & social media marketing is also an option to attract huge traffic. 

Developing an app like CamScanner is not rocket science. India has a pool of experienced and certified developers that can build such apps with better variations. Major development companies like W3villa Technologies have all the right kind of expertise and team to fill the gap these banned apps of china has left.

W3villa Technologies

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