How To Create A File Sharing App As Shareit?

How To Create A File Sharing App As Shareit?

Replacing the ages-old BlueTooth technology, SHAREit has changed the face of the file transfer process speedily. With mobile developers enhancing our sets in recent times, so are software developers with the programs and applications in the mobiles. They have enhanced gaming, internet, and now file-sharing technology. Looking towards the spontaneity of technology, SHAREit was developed realizing the need for a reliable and faster file sharing app. 

Want to know more about SHAREit? You are the right place and might want to read further for more information about it. Later in this article, you will learn how to create an application like SHAREit and its business model, but first, you need to know what this app is all about?

What is SHAREit?

With over 1.8 B users around the globe, SHAREit is one of the best-known file-sharing apps in the market. Transferring files with the lightning speed irrespective of their size, SHAREit is capable of sharing files among different devices with different operating systems with just a few clicks. There are various benefits brought in by SHAREit such as:- 

  • Phone to phone & Phone to the PC data transfer
  • No USB, Internet or data usage. It requires only Wi-Fi.
  • Transfers files, documents, photos and multimedia
  • Transferring speed up to 20Mbps
  • Group file sharing up to 4 devices. 

Key Features of SHAREit…

There are top 4 features that SHAREit provides such as:-

  1. Sharing the files at a speed of 20Mbps, SHAREit is 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  2. Unknown to a large population, other than transferring files, SHAREit also provides a feature of infinite online videos for streaming thousands of videos.
  3. SHAREit provides another great feature of discovering trending music which can be accessed both online and offline.
  4. As mentioned earlier, for live streaming of videos and music, SHAREit provides an integrated feature of video and music player.

Major requirements to create an app like SHAREit

  1. Mobile application designing is the key factor to attract users. The major areas to influence a replica of SHAREit would be:
    a) App prototype design
    b) App UI/UX Design
    c) Color and appearance
  2. For development of A work alike of SHAREit, the app should be created for multiplatform functioning on Android, iOS and Windows.
  3. The app should have a quick, smooth, and safe connectivity with other nearby devices.
  4. The file transfer should be made safe by enabling features like encryption, barcode scanning etc.
  5. An idol SHAREit like app should have similarly integrated multimedia features and various file format support.

Developing an application like SHAREit as a child’s play for an expert developer, especially the Indian developers who have a pool of experience and are certified to develop the best possible variations. Major development companies like W3villa Technologies have all the right kind of expertise, latest tech stack, and a team to perfectly bring forth the better replacement for the 59 banned Chinese apps. W3villa provides the best possible consultation for your application development. Like many other overseas firms, you can hire our developers from India, for your projects. W3villa contributes to society by employing the country’s talent for turning it into a stronger economic nation.


W3villa Technologies

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