Hybrid App Development: Pros & Cons of an Ionic Platform

Hybrid App Development: Pros & Cons of an Ionic Platform

Combining the elements of native as well as web app development, the Hybrid app refers to a software application, that is web applications cartridge into native apps. It is so, as the fundamentals of the applications are logged implementing the web technologies.

Hybrid App Development → 

The popularity of hybrid apps is directly proportional to their ease of development. This happens because the hybrid app development enables developers to code for mobile platforms and use them for others too. There are instances of hybrid apps performing slower as they add an extra layer between the source code and the target platform. 

Ionic as a part of Hybrid App Development 

Talking about the ionic framework, it refers to an open-source UI toolbox. It is a Developer friendly platform easing the process of building, testing, and deploying incredibly revved-up applications for any given platform or device, all this by applying a single codebase. 
Being one of the most popular frameworks for developing hybrid mobile apps, Ionic aims to reduce development time and increase efficiency on the contrary.
Ionic is built over an angular framework from google and aims at minimizing the developer’s toil. It cutbacks your man-hours and assists in faster release of your product.
But not to forget the two sides of everything, we'll try to outline the best use cases as well as the drawbacks of the Ionic framework for app development.

Pros and Cons Of Developing Hybrid Apps With Ionic Framework → 

In this section, we have mentioned some of the best use cases of the ionic framework

  1. A better choice for startups
    Hybrid apps became a major attraction because of their lower development time and resource consumption.  Ionic apps can be developed within a short span, as demanded, making it a major choice for the entrepreneurs to support hybrid apps.
  2. Opportunities for developers
    Ionic app development provides numerous opportunities to the expert as well as the budding developers.
  3. Low-cost apps
    Being thankful for the ionic framework we are now able to develop competitive edge apps at pocket-friendly costs. 

Switching over to the other side, here we are with some drawbacks of the ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development:-

  1. Need for performance
    Facing the truth, it would be bitter to state that, despite the convenience of development, hybrid apps do not often live up to the performance standards as compared to other apps.
  2. Apps that require complex navigation
    Irrespective of all the efforts, the ionic framework is never suitable enough to create apps or games involving complex navigational and routing logic.

Now when we know both, Yin & Yang of the ionic framework for hybrid mobile app development, we can conclude that ionic is a de-facto platform to develop hybrid mobile apps. Also, with the rising demand for fast and low-cost mobile apps, the demand for ionic apps will retain a good reputation shortly. Contributing to the same W3villa offers a wide range of Hybrid app development services. 

We construct apps for “ready-to-sell” market:

  1. We can manage your requirements regardless of the scale and complexity.
  2. Our agile developers create applications with various frameworks like PhoneGap, ionic, and Framework7.
  3. We provide support and maintenance for the applications that are built using our services.
  4. Our team is experienced in creating hybrid applications that increase productivity and efficiency for the overall business process.

You can now build some amazing multi-platform experience for your requirements by implementing the Hybrid Application Development Service at W3villa Technologies.

W3villa Technologies

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